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Free Printable Number Flashcards for kids

Fun number flashcards 1-10 for kids! Explore colorful images and clear numbers. Boost counting skills with engaging visuals. Perfect for home or classroom use.

This is the first card you will be given. Here the number one is represented. The number one digits appear to you in red. Under number one is a sea creature you love. That is the octopus. The number of octopuses on this page is one. Here you are given one digit and one octopus corresponding to that digit.

Ok, let’s go to page number two. Here the two digits are colored yellow. Below number two are two more pictures. There are two fish. Identify the number two and count the number of fish on this page.

This is the page that teaches number three. Here the number three appears in green. Below the number three, you have three pictures to count. Those are three green frogs. Learn the number three from this card.

Let’s learn the number four next. Number four on this page is represented in orange. You can also learn to count with the four pictures below the number four. Here is your favorite pet. Then find out how many cats are on this page.

From here you have many pictures to count. Let’s practice counting those pictures one by one. Next, we turn numbers five through ten.

Look, you can see the number five in this blue color. Five more blue jellyfish can be seen on this page. Now you can count five jellyfish one by one.

After number five, let’s turn to number six. The purple number on this page is number six. A few small snails are also found here. Count the snails in this image. That’s six snails you can see here.

Now we turn to page number seven. Look who’s here. These are brown nocturnal owls. Also, the number seven can be seen in brown on this page. Let’s see how many octopuses there are here. There are seven owls here.

Let’s see what the next number is. That number is eight. Here the number eight is represented by a gray color. Here are eight pictures for you to count. There are eight sharks. Count yourself how many sharks there are and identify all eight digits.

Let’s see what the yellow color number is. This is the number nine. Who is flying around the number nine on this page? Those are bees. Let’s count how many bees there are. There are nine bees here.

This is the last number that we bring to you on this learning page for your little ones to learn. This number is number ten. Look at the butterflies around the number ten. Count the butterflies. There are ten butterflies.

Here you are given 10 A6 size pages. These pages are colorfully numbered and illustrated. Here one number is mentioned on each page and the pictures related to that number are mentioned on the same page. These ten pages are designed to be easy for your child to handle and presented in a child-friendly way.

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