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Count and Match with objects worksheets for kids

Simply count the objects and match them with the correct numbers from 1 to 20 for an interactive learning experience. Engage young learners with our fun and educational worksheets!

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These 5 worksheets will be very useful for introducing numbers from 1 to 20 to your children and teaching them how to count. These math assignments have been prepared based on everyday objects familiar to children. You can download this assignment PDF file for free by clicking on the download button.

In basic education, children are guided to recognize and count numbers under the subject of mathematical concepts. It is very important to teach children about numbers in a fun way so that they develop an interest in mathematics. Therefore, you can use various creative learning methods for that. Below are some simple ways you can teach your children about numbers and counting.

  1. Counting Games: Use games like “Count the Objects” where children count everyday objects such as toys, fruits, or blocks.
  2. Number Songs and Rhymes: Utilize catchy number songs and rhymes to help children memorize numbers in order. Songs like “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” can be engaging.
  3. Number Stories: Create simple stories where numbers play a role. For example, “Three Little Pigs” or “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” can introduce the concept of numbers in a narrative format.
  4. Number Blocks or Manipulatives: Provide children with blocks or other manipulatives that they can use to physically count and manipulate numbers.
  5. Number Hunts: Organize number hunts where children search for numbers in their environment, such as finding numbers on street signs, clocks, or books.
  6. Number Art: Incorporate numbers into art activities. For instance, children can create collages using magazine cutouts of numbers or paint numbers with their fingers.
  7. Number Puzzles: Use puzzles with numbers to help children recognize and understand numerical order.
  8. Number Bingo: Play number bingo with pictures or numerals to reinforce number recognition skills.
  9. Outdoor Activities: Take learning outdoors by drawing numbers with sidewalk chalk or arranging rocks in numerical order.
  10. Interactive Technology: Use educational apps or interactive whiteboards to engage children in learning numbers through games and activities.
  11. Role-Playing: Encourage role-playing activities where children pretend to be shopkeepers or customers, using play money and counting out items.
  12. Cooking and Baking: Involve children in measuring ingredients and counting out quantities while cooking or baking.
  13. Calendar Time: Incorporate numbers into daily routines by discussing the date, counting the days of the week, and identifying numbers on a calendar.
  14. Number Sorting: Provide opportunities for children to sort objects by quantity, size, or shape, helping them develop early math skills.

You can measure the children’s understanding through various activities such as counting and number introduction worksheets. For that, you can use the assignments brought to you from this learning page.

Above you can see pictures of 5 assignment pages. It has numbers from 1-5 on the first page, 6-10 on the second page, 11-14 on the third page, 15-17 on the fourth page, and 18-20 on the fifth page. Also, the pages contain boxes with pictures representing each number. Direct the children to count the pictures in each box and match them to the correct number.

Answers for the 1st page:

  • Three jellyfish connect with the number 3.
  • One tortoise connects with the number 1.
  • Two sharks connect with the number 2.
  • Five toffees connect with the number 5.
  • Four butterflies connect with the number 4.

Answers for the 2nd page:

  • Six apples connect with the number 6.
  • Nine flowers connect with the number 9.
  • Eight balls connect with the number 8.
  • Seven cupcakes connect with the number 7.
  • Ten stars connect with the number 10.

Answers for the 3rd page:

  • Twelve boats connect with the number 12.
  • Eleven chicks connect with the number 11.
  • Fourteen caterpillars connect with the number 14.
  • Thirteen ants connect with the number 13.

Answers for the 4th page:

  • Fifteen firecrackers connect with the number 15.
  • Sixteen leaves connect with the number 16.
  • Seventeen hats connect with the number 17.
  • Fourteen caterpillars connect with the number 14.

Answers for the 5th page:

  • Nineteen nuts connect with the number 19.
  • Eighteen buns connect with the number 18.
  • Twenty ladybugs connect with the number 17.