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Fun Activities: Find the Previous and Next Number

Enjoy our ‘Find the Previous and Next Number’ activity! Explore numbers, sharpen your skills, and have fun discovering!”






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This learning page offers another wonderful mathematical activity. This activity provides children with a good understanding of numbers. It is best suited for children in primary education. Designed as a game, it gives children the opportunity to learn while having fun. It is very easy for you to direct children to this activity. For that, you have to do only a very small task.

How to set up the activity:

Step 1: Print all the above-given forms. All the pages given here are provided in A4 size. A PDF file is also provided for your convenience.

Step 2: Select the numbered page from 0-11 (first page) and paste it on a board for its strength.

Step 3: Cut out the 0-11 numbered flowers separately from the pasted page on the board.

Step 4: Paste pages number 2-5 on a separate board and cut out the squares separately.

Step 5: Give the children a box of cut-out numbered flower cards. Place the other boxes in the row so that the children can see them.

Step 6: Direct the children to select the numbers in the box and match them to the blanks in the boxes.

Skills that children can acquire through this activity:
  1. Identifying numbers from 0-11.
  2. Recognizing numbers before and after numbers from 1-11.
  3. Practicing counting numbers from 1 to 11 in the correct order.
  4. Improving the ability to choose and match correctly.
  5. Developing children’s thinking abilities.

Many activities have been presented to you before under the category of Mathematics. Through this activity, children endeavor to comprehend numbers. The primary objectives of this activity are to introduce numbers and understand their sequence, as well as to identify the first and last numbers. It also provides an opportunity for children to learn enjoyably.

Encourage the kids to enjoy themselves by getting them involved in this activity with friends. Allow them to investigate and find solutions on their own. Their ability to reason logically will grow as a result. Teach the kids how to engage in the activity before you start. Guide them to observe carefully, think critically, and attempt to find answers thoughtfully.