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List of Short Vowel Sound words for kids

Explore reading basics with our engaging short vowel words for kids. Fun, simple, and vibrant—dive into ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i’, ‘o’, and ‘u’!

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CVC Words Short Vowel sound “A”

(-at)-:  cat, bat, rat, hat, mat, pat, fat, sat

(-an)-:  pan, man, van, can, fan, ran, ran, ban

(-am)-:  jam, ham, ram, tam, cam, dam, yam, pam

(-ad)-:  mad, dad, sad, had, pad, lad, bad, rad

(-ag)-:  tag, lag, bag, wag, rag, nag, flag, drag

(-ack)-:  back, hack, rack, lack, jack, track, sack, lack

CVC Words Short Vowel sound “E”

(-ell)-:  sell, bell, cell, tell, well, yell, fell, dell

(-en)-:  pen, ten, den, hen, ken, men, ben, when

(-et)-:  pet, bet, get, jet, met, net, wet, yet

(-ed)-:  bed, red, led, fed, wed, med, ted, Jed

(-eg)-:  leg, beg, peg, keg, meg, deg, Greg

CVC Words Short Vowel sound “I”

(-id)-:  bid, lid, rid, did, kid, mid, Sid, grid

(-ip)-:  lip, hip, zip, nip, tip, dip, slip, ship

(-ig)-:  big, pig, dig, wig, fig, rig, jig, twig

(-in)-: pin, bin, fin, win, tin, sin, spin, thin

(-ill)-:  fill, bill, till, will, hill, pill, drill, grill

(-it)-:  sit, fit, bit, hit, kit, lit, pit, wit

(-ick)-:  sick, lick, kick, pick, wick, tick, tick, brick

CVC Words Short Vowel sound “O”

(-og)-:  dog, hog, log, jog, bog, fog, frog, smog

(-ob)- :  job,mob,rob,lob,cob,sob,bob,slog

(-ot)-:  cot, dot, pot, lot, hot, not, rot, tot

(-od)- :  cod,pod,rod,nod,bod,mod,sod,clod

(-op)-:  top, hop, cop, pop, pop, mop, lop, drop

(-on)- :  con,don,son,ton,von,won,non,Ron

CVC Words Short Vowel sound “U”

(-ub)-:  cub, dub, hub, rub, sub, tub, nub, club

(-ob)-:  fun, bun, run, sun, nun, gun, dun, pun

(-um)-:  gum, sum, hum, mum, rum, yum, plum, drum

(-ug)-:  jug, bug, mug, hug, lug, rug, tug, plug

(-ut)-:  cut, hut, nut, but, rut, tut, gut, shut

Teaching children short vowel sounds helps them develop foundational reading skills. In this learning page, we file the words here in the CVC system to make it easy for children to read. It will be easy for the child to learn as well as for you to teach. We give at least 40 words under one vowel. Reading more words is very important for the child to get used to the sounds of words. Here, we file the words in a table. We place words with the same sound in one column of the table.

Teach the children each vowel separately as they learn these words. Then, finish reading one column and start reading the other column. First, let the child read by matching the words on their own. Then, have them read the words out loud along with you. After you say the word, let the children read aloud. Teach them that the vowel sounds are short.

You can also use pictures to teach these vowels. It will help children to learn without getting bored. Or ask the children to identify and name of the image after showing the image. Then they learn to read short vowel words on their own.

Present a row of pictures and ask the children to select the image corresponding to the short vowel sound you say. This activity not only increases their understanding of short vowel sounds but also improves their logical abilities. Explore various other activities to teach children short vowel sounds, introducing creative methods to familiarize them with these letter sounds.