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List of Long Vowel Sounds Words for Kids

Discover a list of long vowel sound words for kids! Improve phonics skills with fun and engaging words. Perfect for early learners.

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CVC Words long Vowel sound [A]
  • [-ake-]:  cake, lake, bake, take, make, wake, fake, quake
  • [-ame-]:  same, game, name, came, fame, tame,  blame, flame
  • [-ate-]:  ate, late, rate, date, gate, mate, hate, create
  • [-ail-]:  ate, late, rate, date, gate, mate, hate, create
  • [-ain-]:  main, rain, pain, gain, vain, train, grain, brain
  • [-ay-]:  may, day, bay, say, ray, clay, tray, play
CVC Words long Vowel sound [E]
  • [-eak-]:  beak, leak, peak, weak, speak, freak, creak, sneak
  • [-eat-]:  beat, seat, heat, meat, neat, feat, treat, wheat
  • [-eep-]:  keep, beep, jeep, seep, weep, deep, sleep, sheep
  • [-eet-]:  meet, beet, feet, greet, sweet, sleet, sheet, street
  • [-eed-]:  feed, deed, heed, reed, weed, need, seed, bleed
  • [-ear-]:  hear, near, dear, fear, rear, year, tear, clear
CVC Words long Vowel sound [I]
  • [-ice-]:  rice, vise, nice, dice, lice, mice, slice, price
  • [-ite-]:  bite, site, kite, lite, mite, quite, write, white
  • [-ine-]:  line, nine, fine, dine, vine, mine, pine, shine
  • [-ile-]:  tile, mile, file, pile, Nile, stile, while, smile
  • [-ire-]:  fire, wire, tire, hire, sire, dire, spire, quire
  • [-ike-]:  like, bike, mike, dike, hike, pike, spike, strike
CVC Words long Vowel sound [O]
  • [-oat-]:  oat, boat, float, goat, coat, moat, gloat, throat
  • [-ome-]:  home, dome, Rome, fome, lome, tome, gnome, chrome
  • [-ole-]:  pole, mole, hole, sole, role, vole, stole, whole
  • [-ose-]:  rose, nose, hose, dose, pose, lose, close, chose
  • [-ope-] :  rope, hope, dope, cope, pope, nope, tope, elope
  • [-one-]:  cone, tone, zone, bone, drone, stone, alone, phone
CVC Words long Vowel sound [U]
  • [-ute-]:  mute, cute, flute, glue, lute, salute, pollute, institute
  • [-use-]:  use, muse, fuse, amuse, accuse, excuse, refuse, infuse
  • [-ure-]:  cure, pure, sure, lure, secure, insure, manure, mature
  • [-ue-]:  blue, clue, true, glue, hue, due, value, tissue
  • [-une-]:  June, tune, dune, lune, prune, immune, fortune, Neptune

There are 5 vowels in the English alphabet: A, E, I, O, and U. The five letters come in two types according to the way they sound when used in words: short vowel sounds and long vowel sounds. Earlier, we introduced you to Short Vowel Sounds Words. Today, we are going to talk about Long Vowel Sounds.

If the vowel sound is long while reading the words, then those words are known as long vowel sounds. This web page brings you the Long Vowel Sounds words for each vowel letter. You can learn 40 or 48 words under one bat letter. Each of these words is filed according to the CVC pattern. This makes it easier for children to read words and recognize the sounds of words.

These single-word files may pose difficulty for children to read alone. Introduce them to the words with their correct sound. Most of the words used here are familiar to children. Therefore, children will quickly recognize the sounds of those words. Display these Word files clearly for the children to see. Then, encourage the children to try reading those words word by word.