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Basic shapes worksheets for kids

This learning page offers a shape lesson, featuring various activities such as coloring shapes, tracing, and exploring different shapes around us. You are all invited to join this wonderful shape lesson!

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.

You can introduce your child to 13 types of shapes through this learning page. All those shapes are two-dimensional and are the basic shapes we see in day-to-day life. Here are 13 pages of shape learning assignments. The special feature of these learning shape assignment pages is that multiple types of assignments related to shapes can be given to children on the same page. These assignment pages give your child the opportunity to color the shapes, draw lines around them, and learn about shapes through everyday objects, helping them also learn the names of each shape.  Well, next, I will explain to you what the different shapes are given to you.

First, you are given a circular shape. The circular shape is called “Circle”. An image shows you how the shape should be drawn and arrows show you how to draw it. On this page, you will see circular objects that you come across in everyday life. That is, the tire, coin, button, and cookies have been introduced to you as round-shaped things. In addition to this, there are many other things, to teach the child what they are. For example, introduce the circle shape by showing the child things like the moon, the plate, a round clock, etc. Then complete by drawing the circle shapes given at the bottom of this page.

Next, your child will be introduced to the half-circle. On this assignment page, you are provided with the opportunity to color and practice drawing semicircles by following the given lines. Many semicircular objects surround us. Besides the examples given here, further teach your child about them.

The shape on the third page, similar to the circle, is oval. Let’s train the child to draw the oval shape and explore things around us that have that shape. Rugby balls, eggs, and watermelons are just a few examples of this oval shape.

Next, you can see the heart shape. It is a beautiful shape that we can see in various decorations.

The previously identified shape had curved edges. Shapes made of straight lines are shown below. Let’s see what these shapes are.

The triangle is the shape given to the children on the next page. You can practice drawing lines and coloring this shape. We can see this shape in various things around us. Let the children think of other things in addition to the things given on this page.

The shape seen on the next page is a square with four equal sides. We can see many things in this shape around us. Teach the children about these shapes by pointing them out.

On the sixth page, you will encounter the rectangle shape. This shape is a longer box compared to the one on the page above. The surfaces of objects such as doors, windows, envelopes, books, boxes, televisions, and computers are also in this shape.

The star shape is featured next. Many things in this shape can be found around us. Teach children about the star shape by showing them examples like starfish, star stickers, star decorations, and star flowers.”

The next shape is the rhombus shape. This page has introduced you to what we can see in this shape. You can also color and draw on the dashed lines.

The tenth page shows you a Trapezoid. This shape can be seen in many things around us, only a few of them have been given to you on this page.

Next, let’s look at the pentagon shape surrounded by five sides. Children can draw this shape on the lines from this page. It can also be colored. The opportunity to learn things that can be seen in this shape has also been given.

The next shape has six sides. That shape is known as a hexagon. This shape – beehive chambers, snowflakes, nut bolts, can be seen in various decorations. Find out if you can see more things from the hexagon shape.

On the last page, the shape that children will learn is the octagon shape. This shape has eight sides. Let the children learn about this shape too by coloring, drawing on the lines, and learning what is around them.