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Amazing Picture puzzle coloring pages for kids

Today I have brought you coloring pages. These coloring pages are different from other coloring pages in that there are several pictures to color arranged as a puzzle. Therefore, it improves children’s ability to think creatively. Your child will also be able to get good intellectual development through these coloring pages.

In these coloring pages, you are given a picture divided into different shapes. On each page, you will see a large monochrome image and a small color image. Look at the colorful thumbnail and teach the children to color it. Encourage children to find the correct parts and color the picture. This is a brand-new experience for children. They will love to have fun with this new experience. If you want to give your child a new experience through these pages, you can download the PDF file below.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.

Let’s check out what the above coloring pages are for you one by one. Given here are child-friendly pictures that can be easily identified by children. These pictures are separated into parts and by adding the parts together these coloring pages are given as a finished picture. This lesson page guides children to identify the image separately from the background and to identify the color separately. These are multi-purpose learning pages that bring more experiences to children than just coloring.

First, you can see a picture of an apple separated into sections above. Children can follow the thumbnail below on this page to color this picture. Color the background in light green, the apple in red, the stem of the apple in brown, and the apple leaf in dark green as in the thumbnail.

On the second page, you can see a picture of a sunny sky divided into sections. You can color the sky light blue and the sun yellow as shown in the given thumbnail. Guide the children to identify the picture and the background separately by coloring the separated parts separately.

The next three pictures are three interesting and wonderful pictures of children. Teach the children to look at the three pictures and color them correctly.

In the sixth picture, the children were given a picture of their favorite ball. Looking at the small picture on this page, you can see that there are several colors for the children to color and identify the types of colors. Children have to color a ball with purple, dark green, dark blue, red, yellow, and orange colors on a light pink background.

On the seventh page is a delicious cake. A red candle can be seen on top of the brown, yellow, and pink-shaped cake. This cake is painted with a light green color around it. Color all these beautifully.

On the next page, you can see a yellow and purple flower with a red center. This flower is located in the middle of a pink background. Identify and color the background and flowers separately.

This picture is the eighth coloring puzzle picture divided into parts. There you can see a balloon floating in the sky. If you look at the thumbnail on this page, you’ll notice that there are two colors in the background. It is dark blue and light blue. Let the children color these two colors in the correct parts. This is a great opportunity to improve their memory. Color the balloon in dark green, light green, brown, pink, and red.

You can see a house with a brown roof, pink and purple walls, a red door, and yellow windows on a light yellow and light blue background. This is how the thumbnail on page seven is described. Follow it and color the colorless picture.

Color the next picture following the small picture given. You can use yellow, greenish, light orange, red, or orange colors for that. It has the face of a girl child.

Next, you are given to color a fish in the water. This fish is a fish with yellow, green, red, and orange colors on a light blue background.