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Learning colors worksheets for kids

Welcome to our new colorful lesson. There is a colorful world around us. Everything we see has a color. In our daily conversations, when we describe something, and when we want to identify something, color helps us a lot. So, young children need to learn to distinguish different colors, right? This tutorial page is brought to you for that purpose.

These activity sheets are organized around the colors we see the most in our daily life. They will help kids get used to coloring images correctly and recognizing colors.

Here, children are given the most preferred type of images for coloring. Name a color next to the pictures and direct the children to choose the color corresponding to the name. Not only as an activity but you can also use these as cards to teach colors at school. Color them yourself and use these cards to introduce colors to children.
Through these activity sheets, you will be able to improve the knowledge of your students/children with a new experience. Let’s learn to color with fun.

These are the first two pages you are given. Here are 11 little star cubes for you to color. You will get two pages of star images, one with 6 stars and the other with 5 stars. You may have seen the names of 11 different colors mentioned in each star. You have to choose the color sticks corresponding to the given colors and color these stars.

We have all seen colorful balloons. There are also 11 balloons on these two pages. But you have to add color to those balloons. The names of orange, pink, white, black, and red colors are mentioned in the five balloons that can be seen on the first page. Then on the second page, there are six balloons named blue, gray, green, yellow, brown, and purple. So, find the given colors and color these balloons.

Here you have to color beautiful flowers with cute smiles. All the flowers are 11 and they are given in three pages. There are four flowers on the first page, and they all have color names such as pink, red, yellow, and white. On the other page, you can see four more flowers which should be colored brown, purple, orange, and blue. The next one is the last flower coloring page to color them using green, red, and black colors.

These cloud coloring pages will help you learn to color. Look at these eleven beautiful colorless clouds floating in all directions. You can add colors to make it colorful. The first page with five clouds should be colored with black, white, gray pink, and blue crayons. On the other page, use the given color names to color the six clouds.

These are our final activity sheets made just for you. There you are given butterflies to color. In these two butterfly coloring pages, you can see eleven butterflies. All butterflies are named with color names. Find the given eleven colors and color them beautifully.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.