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Words that start with the letter “C” for kids

Welcome, young learners, to an exciting world of words that start with the letter ‘C’! We will take you on a journey to discover wonderful words associated with the third letter of the English alphabet. Learning the alphabet is an essential step in basic education. Similarly, introducing new words to young children is vital for their development. Join us in nurturing children’s foundational language skills with the letter ‘C’.

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This lesson presents 12 learning pages designed for identifying words that start with the letter ‘C’. Previously, we provided lessons focusing on words beginning with the letters ‘A’ and ‘B’. In this new lesson, let’s guide children in recognizing the letter ‘C’ and the words associated with it. Across these 12 pages, children will become acquainted with the letter ‘C’ and expand their vocabulary.

Accompanied by adorable pictures, each word is presented to captivate the children’s interest effectively. Therefore, even for those who are still learning to read letters in their basic education, recognizing words starting with the letter ‘C’ becomes accessible. If children prefer to identify letters by referring to the depicted examples, they can do so with guidance.

Now we turn to the words given to the children on the 12 pages above,

Page number 1 – ‘C is for Cherry, Caterpillar, and Cars.’ Sweet, red cherries begin with the letter C. Green caterpillars also start with the letter C. Additionally, the word ‘car’ starts with the letter C, as seen with the orange car.

Page number 2 – On the second page, three pictures depict everyday items familiar to children. Here we have a gray cat, a beloved pet among children. The word ‘cat’ starts with the letter C. Additionally, we have a cup, often used for enjoying children’s favorite cakes, which also start with the letter C.

Page number 3 – From this page, you can see a puffy cloud floating in the sky, a camel traveling in the desert, and a crab in the sea. All these names start with the letter C. C is for cloud, C is for camel, C is for crab

Page number 4 – “The clock, the coin, the candle in your house, little ones, all these words begin with the letter C.” Teach the children this way. They will love to hear that. C is for the clock, C is for the coin, C is for candle

Page number 5 – The words king’s “crown” and king’s “castle” both begin with the letter C. Additionally, the tastiest nutritional cones also start with the letter C. C is for crown, C is for the castle, C is for corn

Page number 6 – From this page, you can see a black crow, a yellow coat, and a blue comb. The words related to all those images start with the letter C. C is for crow, C is for coat, and C is for comb.

Page number 7 – These are vegetables that start with C. Carrots, Cabbage, and Cucumber are the vegetables on this page. Other vegetables beginning with the letter C include Cauliflower, Chicory, Corn, and Celery.

Page number 8 – Next, three more pictures start with the letter C on this page. C is for “camera”, C is for “cactus”, and C is for “chain”.

Page number 9 –C is for can, C is for chair, C is for crayons.

Page number 10 –C is for cap, C is for chick, C is for cow.

Page number 11 –C is for chocolate, C is for cookies, and C is for cheese.

Page number 12 –C is for candy, C is for circle, and C is for coffee.

While introducing the letter C to the children, show them these pictures and read the words together. This will help familiarize the children with the sound of the letter C. We will meet again with the letter D. Until then, let’s focus on identifying the letter C well. 😊