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50 Simple Action Verbs cards for kids

Welcome to our vibrant collection of “50 Simple Action Verbs Cards for Kids”! Designed to make learning fun and interactive, these cards are perfect for helping young minds grasp essential action verbs. Explore the world of verbs with your little ones, fostering language development and encouraging them to express themselves through play and learning. Enhance your child’s vocabulary and comprehension with our colorful and educational action verb cards, turning language exploration into an exciting journey for every young learner.

Note: We consider verbs as the actions we do in our day-to-day life.

  1. clap- we clap happy times and encourage our friends.
  2. Wave – We use hand waves to bid farewell to our friends and greet them warmly.
  3. Take a bath – We take baths to clean our bodies and protect ourselves from germs.
  4. Wash – We wash our hands with soap and water to keep them clean and germ-free!
  5. Brush – We brush our teeth to keep them healthy.
  6. Wake up – We wake up in the early morning to start our day!
  7. Sleep – We sleep at night to rest our bodies and have sweet dreams!
  8. Swim – We swim in the pool to have fun and stay cool on hot days!
  9. Cry – We cry when we feel sad, but we try to stay strong.
  10. Laugh-We laugh when we feel happy.
  11. Run-We run when we want to move quickly, such as in athletics.
  12. Walk-We walk when we want to move somewhere slowly.
  13. Jump-We jump when exercising or playing sports such as athletics.
  14. Play- We play with our friends during our leisure time.
  15. Swing- We swing on the swing during our playtime.
  16. Climb- We climb things like trees, logs, or mountains when we want to go up.
  17. Cut- We cut papers and leaves for making crafts.
  18. Talk- We talk with others to exchange our ideas.
  19. Listen- We listen to stories, lessons, radio broadcasts, or any other voices to gather information.
  20. Draw- We draw art during our free time as a hobby and represent our ideas.
  21. Paint-We paint our drawings to make them colorful.
  22. Write- We write something down to memorize it
  23. Read-We read books and newspapers to find new information and interesting stories.
  24. Sing- We sing songs as our hobby and enjoy sharing them with others.
  25. Dance- We dance to the music as our hobby and enjoy sharing it with others.
  26. Sweep – We sweep our floor to keep it clean and free of dust.
  27. Work- We work on our tasks to help out and earn rewards!
  28. Sit-We sit on the chair or the floor wherever we like!
  29. Stand-We stand on the floor, on stage, or wherever we need to be!
  30. Eat- We eat when our tummies tell us they’re hungry!
  31. Drink- We drink water or other drinks when we feel thirsty!
  32. Cook-We cook something as a hobby or when we want to eat. Remember, kids, it’s fun to cook with your parents first before trying it alone!
  33. Build- We build with blocks or other things while playing, crafting, or putting things in order!
  34. Carry-We carry something from one place to another!
  35. Throw- We throw things like balls, garbage, and waste paper away from us!
  36. Catch-We catch something that comes towards us!
  37. Comb-We comb our hair to keep it neat and tidy!
  38. Wear- We wear dresses, shoes, and hats to look nice and fancy!
  39. Help- We help others when they need our assistance!
  40. Share-We share our things with our friends so everyone can have fun together!
  41. Look-We look at things everywhere, and we can learn from them.
  42. Ride- We ride our bicycles to travel to different places!
  43. Study- We study to reach our future dreams and make them come true!
  44. Think- We think and solve problems to make things better!
  45. Pick up We pick up our toys and other things from the floor.
  46. Take- We take something to another place when we need it there.
  47. Give- We give something to others to make them happy!
  48. Pull-We pull something to carry it or take it from us.
  49. Push- We push something away from us or carry it to another place
  50. Yawn-We yawn when we feel tired, sleepy, or bored!

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