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Christmas coloring pages for kids

Hello, join us and color the Christmas with us. Christmas is a joyous time that we all look forward to. Would you like to learn along with this happiness? Here, we have brought you an opportunity to color the things we see at Christmas. Have fun coloring these pages beautifully.

Can you identify what to color on this page? A Christmas ornament used for decoration this festive season. Isn’t it so beautiful and colorful? Color the ornament using red, green, and yellow in the picture.

At Christmas time, you can find a Christmas tree in every house. Here’s one such Christmas tree on a red pot. The stem of the tree is brown. Color the tree using dark green and light green. Also, decorate this Christmas tree with red, yellow, purple, and blue bulbs. Don’t forget to add a big yellow star at the top. So, add lots of colors and make this Christmas tree beautiful.

From this page, you can color a white snowman. Only the face of the snowman can be seen here. This snowman wears a black hat with a red band. The snowman has a head made of a white snowball. His nose is an orange carrot. A red and yellow scarf can be seen around his neck. color the snowman using the small image above.

You can color a friendly Santa Claus’s face on this page. Use pink for a kind face, white for the beard, and red to make Santa’s hat colorful.

Wow, this looks very delicious! This cookie is often seen during the Christmas season. Here is a gingerbread man. The gingerbread man’s body is brown with red and blue buttons. It’s wearing a red and white Christmas hat and holding candy in one hand. I think you would like to nicely color this gingerbread man.

Ho… Ho… Ho… This is the hero of little children at Christmas time. Santa Claus. Little children are eagerly waiting for Santa Claus to come. This is a very happy Santa Claus holding a bag in his hand.

You can give a small gift to your friend this Christmas. Here also has a gift for you. But you have to color this gift box. Purple and green colors will help you to color the box, and use purple for the bow on the box.

A star ornament that you can color using only red.

This is also a symbol of the snowy holiday season. It’s a snowflake. You can color this snowflake with sky-blue crayons.

Here, you can see a beautiful firework to color with light green and yellow.

We can decorate our house at Christmas with a Christmas wreath. This coloring page provides a beautiful and colorful wreath. You can color it with lots of colors like green, pink, purple, blue, yellow, and red.

Would you like to color a snowman with crayons? Take white and color the snowman’s face and body. Color the snowman’s hands brown. Use green, red, and white to color the scarf, hat, and buttons on the snowman. For the ground, use blue.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.