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Giftbox tracing worksheets for kids

If you’re curious about developing pre-writing skills in children, this learning page will be very useful. Each page features a variety of shapes, and having children write on them can naturally enhance their skills. Try these worksheets designed to develop prewriting skills in kids.

This is the first pre-writing worksheet where you can see a tall gift box with several different lines. Practice writing vertical and diagonal straight lines, curved lines, and zig-zags.

Here, you can practice drawing three shapes along the dash lines. Can you guess what those shapes are? They include square, rectangle, and heart shapes. By completing these shapes, you can draw a gift box. Use vertical and diagonal lines, along with curved edges, to decorate the gift box.

In this assignment, you can practice drawing on two gift boxes. One box is bigger than the other. For the larger box, draw round shapes and curved edges. The smaller box features zigzag lines and diagonal edges. Use shapes and lines to decorate both gift boxes.

There are two beautifully patterned gift boxes in this assignment. One box has a zig-zag pattern. The other has a grid pattern. decorate these boxes by drawing on them.

There are wonderful patterns for tracing gift boxes from here You can see two gift boxes on this page. One box is tall. The other box is long. But you can practice by drawing the same pattern in both these boxes. Doesn’t this pattern look like a water wave? Yes, these are waves Lines.

Look at this beautiful pattern on these beautiful gift boxes; It resembles snowflakes. This gift box will look very beautiful if you write along the pattern.

This is the last gift box for your pre-writing practice. This tall box also has a beautiful pattern that children like. First, trace around this tall box and complete the gift box shape. After that, you can trace the pattern and decorate the box. here you’ll practice tracing star shapes and crosse patterns.

I bring to you, through these learning pages, the concept that children love the most: the ‘gift box.’ This allows you to guide children through enjoyable pre-activities, starting with various patterns. As we know, lessons aligned with life occasions spark enthusiasm in children. You can use these worksheets during any festival occasion, as they are related to the theme of gift boxes.

there is an important fact that you have to consider when giving these worksheets to the children. The assignment given here should be considered for children in the early stage of pre-writing comprehension and this assignment should be given. because this can be a little complex. The gift box exercise features shorter and more varied lines for practicing pre-writing skills. We have already covered basic writing skills in our previous lessons, so You can look for them and practice.

You can assign these assignments to children however you like. Children can be tasked with writing on lines, sticking things on lines, coloring gift boxes, etc. It can be done according to your choice.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.