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Free Printable Snake and Ladder Game Board Templates!

This printable snakes and ladders template board game makes learning fun and easy. Creating your own game board for kids is a breeze, offering an enjoyable way for them to learn.

You have the option to download the PDF file from this location.- Download

To play Snake and Ladder, you’ll require dice and game pieces. You can find the template for making the dice on our Colorful Paper Dish Templates learning page. For easy access, I’ll provide the link below:[Colorful Paper Dice Templates for Kids].

For game pieces in the Snake and Ladder game, you can use various items such as small tokens, coins, buttons, beads, colored stones, LEGO pieces, bottle caps, wooden cubes, miniature animals, or pawns from other board games.

This game is known as Snake and Ladder or Chutes and Ladders. It is dispersed all over the world. It is also a very simple board game that can be played without any age limit. This is a very old game and started in India as “Moksha Patam”; later, it spread all over the world.

Two or more people can play this game at the same time. For that, one person is entitled to one piece. Each player has only one board and one dice. For the pieces, you can use anything easy that you can find around the house. Examples of that are given above. For this game, you have a square board with 100 squares numbered from 1-100. You can see ladder and snake images there. In this game, playing is done from the first square to the last 100 squares. The numbers to play are determined by the dice. The dice are rolled in turns to move the piece on the board. The first person to reach the 100th square, after navigating the obstacles, wins. When moving across the board, players climb up when they encounter a ladder and slide down when they land on the head of a snake. It’s a simple and minimal rules game suitable for beginners of any age.

You can enjoy this game to pass your free time, having fun with friends and family. Introduce your kids to this game during school recess or at home. Besides being entertaining, this game offers various benefits for children beyond just fun.

  1. This game helps children develop math skills such as recognizing and reading numbers, as well as counting.
  2. Helping to develop language skills. Language skills are developed through identifying and speaking words related to a game and having conversations with competitors.
  3. Children’s critical thinking skills improve as they strategize and follow the game’s rules.
  4. They also learn valuable social skills, including adhering to rules, playing fairly, cooperating with others, handling both winning and losing gracefully and respecting their fellow players.
  5. Additionally, this game fosters children’s self-esteem by promoting self-confidence, patience, endurance, focus, acceptance of challenges, and emotional control.

Three different board formats for this game have been provided above. You can access the link to learn about the dice models required to play with these formats. Simply print and paste these board forms onto thick board material. Additionally, an instruction sheet on how to play the game is available in the PDF file. With these resources, you can easily entertain your children with the Snake and Ladder game. 😊