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Free Printable Classroom Wheel Charts For Kids

These 10 educational wheel charts will be invaluable for sprucing up your school classroom while also offering fresh learning experiences for children.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.

This learning page brings you a new learning opportunity for your children. You can place these 10 charts in the classroom or at home so that they can catch the eye of children. And you can use this as a learning support activity.

Print the file to your desired size. Then, paste the printed wheel chart, arrow, title, and other words onto a separate board for added strength. Hang the parts on the wall at children’s eye level. Fix the arrow using a pin so that it can move through the middle of the wheel chart.
Now you can teach children a lot with this. Let them learn independently. Plan various activities using this wheel chart. It will greatly assist in organizing the classroom and introducing new concepts to the children.

The above learning aid wheel charts have been created in the subjects of environment, mathematics, and language. Under the subject of environment, the charts of seasons, weather, time, color, and feelings are included. Under the subject of mathematics, charts of numbers and shapes are provided. Under the subject of language, learning new words and skills such as reading and identifying pictures are offered to your children from this learning page.

Weather Chart: It is very important to allow children to identify the changes around them. You can use this chart to teach about the constantly changing weather. Here, weather conditions such as Sunny, Rainy, Partly Cloudy, Snowy, and Windy are depicted in pictures and words.

The Four Seasons: Throughout the year there are various changes in the environment around us. Like the weather, we can experience many other environmental phenomena in different periods of time. Considering those differences, the time of a year can be divided into four parts. It can be divided into spring season from March to May, the summer season from June to August, autumn season from September to November, and winter season from December to February.

Number Chart – This wheel chart will help your child to recognize numbers and practice counting. Here numbers from 1-10 are given to count the colored balls in front of that request. This colorful number wheel chart makes counting easy for kids.

Shape Chart – Here you can introduce 8 main shapes to children. Circle, Square, Rectangle, Heart, Oval, Triangle, Crescent, Star shapes can be seen here. These shapes are represented in this chart with images in different colors.

Months Chart: With 12 months in a year, this chart serves as an introduction to the calendar months for children. The chart features the names of the 12 months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December. Each month name is represented within colored arc segments.

Days Chart: One week has 7 days. You can use this chart to inform children about the daily dates. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are represented by words in colored arc segments. Also, this allows you to introduce the day before, today, and the day after.

Feelings Chart: You can show children the changes in their facial expressions with this chart. From this chart, you can see 6 types of emotions in children: happy, angry, sad, fear, shy, and wonder. These feelings are depicted in the face images through this chart.

Color Chart: Above, you can see two color charts, each representing different color ranges. The first color chart displays 8 colors: red, purple, yellow, green, blue, pink, orange, and brown. The second color chart showcases 8 colors: white, black, gray, pink, light blue, light green, light yellow, and light brown. Each section of the arc is colored in the corresponding color and labeled with its name.

Wheel Chart Template – Here’s a blank wheel chart divided into 8 sections. You can use it for children as you like.