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Easy Dot-to-dot Christmas worksheets for kids

Here we have brought you some more Christmas-related assignments to help your child develop their skills. In these assignments, you are given the task of creating pictures by connecting the dots in the correct numerical order. Have fun sharing these assignments with the kids.

Your provided text is clear and correct. There’s no need for any changes. It effectively conveys that the assignment involves teaching children to count and arrange numbers in order, enhancing their number sequencing skills with pictures corresponding to numbers from 1-30.

You can introduce various subject matters to children through these assignment pages. Expand their knowledge by describing the pictures in these Christmas-related assignments. Also, encourage them to engage in the activity independently and find out the hidden image.

Here children have to complete a candy cane. Have the children complete the rest of the candy cane by matching the numbers 1-20. And given to trace the line in the middle of the candy cane. This image can be given to the child to color after it is completed.

Here’s a Christmas stocking full of presents. Complete it by connecting a number from 1 to 15. Children can also be allowed to write and color along the dotted lines.

For completing numbers 1-15, you will be awarded a star wearing a Christmas hat. After completing, this star can also be given to the children to color if desired.

Next, you can draw Santa’s face from dot to dot. Here numbers from 1-25 are given.

The last task requires you to connect the dots on a mermaid. Here, even young children can draw the fairy as shown in the above image by matching the numbers 1 through 20 in the correct order.

Here you will see a Christmas tree decorated with circular shapes. Complete the Christmas tree by matching the numbers 1-20 dot to dot. A small completed picture is provided at the top of the assignment page for the child’s convenience.

On this assignment page, children can engage in three activities: dot-to-dot to connect the numbers in order, tracing along the lines, and coloring accordingly. The task involves a Christmas ornament made of wavy lines, and the child is required to add numbers from 1-20.

The child is given a Christmas present and an ornament to draw by matching the numbers from 1-20 in the correct order. Give the child this assignment and ask what is there. By correct matching, they will identify the processed picture.

The next assignment is to complete a gingerbread house. Find the numbers from 1-25 in order and complete this house by connecting dot to dot. If they would like, kids can also paint this house.

Complete this snowman by connecting the numbers 1-25.

In this assignment, connect the numbers 1 through 28 to one another. This Santa Claus is here. The kids are supposed to finish this assignment to complete Santa Claus’s body part. Also, join the dashed lines to trace Santa’s beard.

Complete the unfinished body of this gingerbread man by following the numbers 1 through 30.

First, let the children complete the picture by matching the dots one by one in the correct number order. After that, ask them what they see. That is one way to do this assignment. You can plan to give these assignments in any other preferred form that suits you.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.