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Cutting Practice with Christmas Tree worksheets for kids

We bring you some of the latest assignment pages on this learning page just in time for Christmas that provide more cutting practice. These assignments will help your child develop cutting skills by introducing them to cutting differently.

Earlier, we brought you various cutting assignments for kids, including a cutting practice assignment related to the Christmas season. This assignment is quite different from the previous ones and will help your child practice cutting skills while having fun.

For this Christmas tree assignment, it’s best to use thick paper or a board that is easy for kids to cut. Then the children can handle it easily, and they will see a wonderful design with a beautiful finish. To do this, the picture printed on an A4 paper can be pasted on a Bristol board, paper plate, or thick paper and cut around the edge in the shape of a Christmas tree and given to the children.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.

This is the first assignment brought to you. Here is a Christmas tree made of colored bulbs. It has some curved edges around it. Have the children cut along those edges.

This Christmas tree is surrounded by horizontal straight lines. Direct the children to cut along the given dashed lines.

Given here are diagonal lines for children to practice cross-cutting. Have the children cut along these diagonal lines around the Christmas tree. After cutting, they will see a wonderful creation.

This assignment page also allows children to cut along diagonal lines but in a different pattern than the previous assignment.

Another wonderful Christmas tree is provided on the assignment page above. Let the child cut along the given lines with scissors to make the Christmas tree more beautiful. It is shown here to practice cutting along dashed wave lines.

We can see the Christmas tree in different shapes. In these assignment pages, you are given a triangular-shaped Christmas tree. To change the shape of the Christmas tree, let’s allow the children to add a wonderful shape by cutting along the lines given in the above assignment.

To cut along the curved edge dashed lines given in the above assignment, extending in different directions. Children can also add a new shape to the Christmas tree by cutting along the edges.

In this assignment, you can teach children to cut curved edges, providing an opportunity to practice cutting and adding a new and different shape to a given Christmas tree. Children will be able to see the Christmas tree’s different finishes at the end of the assignment, which will enable you to see how well the kids did.

We directed the kids to cut along straight and curved lines on the assignment pages above to give the Christmas tree some shape. You are allowed to use these two assignment pages to cut along a horizontal zig-zag line to decorate the Christmas trees.

You can also give your child an opportunity to improve their cutting skills with this assignment page. This is a stair-like pattern made in a zig-zag pattern. Direct the children to cut along these given lines.

This assignment page has to cut along diagonal lines.

All three of the above assignment pages provide opportunities to practice cutting along curved lines, helping to further develop your child’s cutting skills.

When we say Christmas, the Christmas tree is one of the things that we don’t forget. So, kids will love this Christmas tree-cutting assignment. Let’s allow the children to add a wonderful shape to these Christmas trees by cutting them in different directions.