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Free Printable Fruit Coloring Pages For Kids

Here’s a fantastic opportunity for all children who enjoy coloring and identifying fruits. We have 12 types of fruits that children love the most. Let’s color these delicious fruits beautifully.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.

The coloring pictures provided above feature a fruit theme. Below, you’ll find 12 types of fruits that children are familiar with. These coloring pages are conveniently arranged in A4 sizes, making it easy for kids to print them out. Each page features one fruit, with a small colored image as a reference and a larger colorless image for coloring. Encourage children to guess the color of the small picture and use it as a guide to color the larger image.

Now I will describe the image sequences given to you above in order,

1st Image- Here are delicious oranges. Oranges are a delicious fruit rich in vitamin C. Typically, oranges are the color orange, as their name suggests. On this page, children are encouraged to color the orange using shades of orange, green, and yellow.

2nd Image- Next, children can be given a delicious apple to color. Apple is also a delicious and nutritious fruit. You have seen apples in different colors, but children are familiar with a red apple that they have to color on this page. Only two colors green and red are needed to color this apple.

3rd Image- A ripe yellow banana is given here to color. Bananas are known as a fruit rich in potassium. So you only need yellow to color these bananas.

4th Image- This is a bunch of purple grapes. Grapes grow on vines. Similarly, grapes can be seen in colors like green and red. Grapes are a very juicy fruit. Color this delicious bunch of grapes in purple and green colors.

5th Image- Pineapple is the next delicious fruit. These pineapples have a shell on the outside and a crown of thorns on top. Pineapples grow in a thorny bush. Here is a yellow pineapple with a green crown on top.

6th Image- Mango is another delicious and nutritious fruit. Mangoes can be seen in different types and different colors and sizes. Here are two big yellow mangoes. Color these two fruits beautifully with yellow and green colors.

7th Image- This is one of the children’s favorite fruits. This is strawberry. A strawberry is a small red fruit. Also, you can see small white dots all around this fruit. A small beautiful green cap can be seen on top of the strawberry.

8th Image- Now we are going to color guava. You can see two guavas here. Color these two tasty and nutritious guava fruits in green and brown colors.

9th Image- Here you can see two yellow papaya fruits. Papaya looks green when raw. Ripe papaya’s middle are orange and have many small black seeds.

10th Image- Here, you have to color the sweet watermelon. Watermelon is a very juicy fruit. Many small black seeds can be seen in watermelons. Most often we see oval, large green watermelons. And it’s red inside. So color this watermelon also using green and red colors.

11th Image- This is a red pomegranate. Use red, green, and pink colors for this pomegranate color with flavor and nutrition.

12th Image- Here is another small red-flavored fruit. Here are three red cherries. Color these three cherries in red and the stem and leaves in green.