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Color by numbers (1-5) worksheets for kids

Hello there! You’re all invited to join our latest lesson series. Interested in learning from the One Learning page? Here’s a great opportunity for you. You can learn numbers, learn colors, and have fun with coloring in this lesson. All are in one lesson. Ready to color by numbers!

This is the first page you have been given. Find the color corresponding to the given numbers and color this cow.

This is an owl on a branch that requires five colors to color: dark brown, light brown, pink, and green. Color this octopus with matching colors according to those numbers.

Here is another picture that can be colored beautifully. Here you can see two beautiful flowers and a butterfly nearby. Pink, purple, yellow, green, and light brown colors correspond to numbers one, two, three, and four respectively. Color by number.

Next, you have to color a flying bee. Here, number one represents black, number two represents yellow, number three represents gray and number four represents sky blue.

Four colors are needed to color this hedgehog. They are dark brown, light brown, red, and green. This color is represented by numbers 1,2,3,4 respectively. Color the head dog’s body light brown and the tough-guard hair dark brown, the apple red, and the grass on the ground green.

Are you ready to color this cute turkey? Then look carefully at the numbers and color the pink, red, light brown, and orange colors correctly to match.

On this page, you get to color a rooster. This rooster can be beautifully colored by adding five colors. Then color the rooster by selecting the given color according to the numbers.

Coloring this picture will be very easy for you because only three colors need to be used. Color the frog on this page using light green as one, yellow as two, and dark green as three.

This is a pet that many people can see in our homes. To color this cat, you will need orange, yellow, red, and pink. Color the cat by matching the numbers.

There is a slowly walking turtle on this page. It will be very easy to color this turtle. Because it needs to be colored only in green, orange, and brown colors.

This is an animal that we can see on a farm. To color this pig, you have to find dark pink, light pink, dark brown, and light brown colors.

Next, let’s turn to coloring a cute bunny.

Here, you have to color a baby elephant and its ball. Follow the given instructions to color the baby elephant.

color this fish also using the numbers like the above pages.

This is the last page of page 15 and there is a cute bird on a branch. Color it by number.

Here, you are given pictures of fifteen animals to color, and there’s one condition to color those animals – according to the given number. At the bottom of each coloring page, you will see a circle with a number from one to five and a color in front of that number. The corresponding color for that number is noted. Numbers in the picture are also given for coloring, and in this activity, you have to choose the color corresponding to that number. Enjoy these learning pages!

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.