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Cutting practice with Santa’s beard

Welcome, love to you all! This will be a wonderful lesson for young children excited about Christmas. It’s also a great opportunity for little hands to practice cutting with scissors.

Our goal on this learning page is to provide children with the opportunity to practice cutting through engaging activities with great willingness and enthusiasm. To achieve that, here are cutting assignments related to their beloved Santa Claus.

We all know that Santa Claus has a long white beard and children love him so much. To add some festive fun, we invite you to trim Santa’s beard into different shapes with the assignments provided. Enjoy the activity by cutting accurately along the given lines.

Here you have straight vertical dashed lines. Cut Santa’s beard by guiding the scissors along these lines.

This Santa also has a long beard. Cutting should be done along diagonal dotted lines. Cut exactly along these lines to shape Santa’s beard.

This Santa’s beard has to be cut along straight lines with horizontal dashed lines. Cut Santa’s beard nicely.

There is a diagonal zig-zag line that looks like a staircase. Cut along these lines to shape Santa’s beard.

These are parallel zig zag lines with dashes. Cut along these lines to see if the shape fits Santa’s beard.

This Santa’s beard has to be cut into a very nice shape, isn’t it? Here are the vertical dotted castle lines. You can cut along these lines to add a wonderful shape to Santa’s beard.

See, here’s a great opportunity for you to practice curved edges. Earlier, we gave activity sheets related to practicing cutting along different lines. Here are some assignments that will help you cut along the curved edges. Let’s practice cutting for curved edges.

Shall we trim Santa’s beard along these curved edges? There are several curved lines with parallel dotted lines. Here, you need to cut along long horizontal curved lines.

Here, you will find cutting lines with curved edges designed for horizontal cutting. Practice cutting along these curved lines to improve your skills with curved edges.

Want to cut Santa’s beard in a curly style? This is a great opportunity for that. Practice cutting along the curved edges and try to cut these curves deeper than the previously cut lines.

This is the last activity sheet to practice cutting. There are several vertical wavy lines parallel to each other. Let’s help Santa trim his beard by carefully cutting along these lines.          

The cutting practice sheets provided above provide a great opportunity for your children to have fun and learn during the festive season. Additionally, this is a great idea for teachers to make a lesson for the festive season. Parents can easily help their children practice cutting at home using these learning sheets.

Cut Santa’s beard neatly along the lines shown on these worksheets. Learn to carefully cut different shapes in different directions. You will be able to enjoy learning through these activity pages. Then grab the scissors and get ready. Happy practice!

If you want, you can download the PDF file here. Here, you can obtain a PDF file formatted for A4 pages.