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Counting with coloring fun worksheets for kids

Is teaching kids to count difficult? Let the children count and write the numbers as they like. Here are ten activity sheets perfect for learning to count from 1-10. Kids can write and count numbers with these worksheet coloring activities.

All these activity pages have pictures and allow you to color them. And every page has a question related to that picture. There is also a small blank circle to write the answer to that question. Count something in the picture according to the question and write the number in the circle. Have fun with these activity pages.

On this page, you can see a cute mushroom on the grass and You can see that there are leaves around it. Also, direct the children to look at the picture carefully. After you can ask the given question from the page. How many mushrooms do you see? The answer should be found in this picture. Here you can see one mushroom and the answer is one.

How many snails do you see? That is the question you must answer. Look at this picture and find the answer. Here you can see two snails talking and one snail carrying a leaf. You can see two snails here so the answer is two.

There are three apples on the branch. They are cut and look delicious. You can color this apple as you like and find the answer to the given question. How many apples do you see? Sure enough, you can see three apples here. So, the answer is three.

Here you can see a cute bird on the ground and Four clouds are floating behind the bird. Number of clouds is the answer to the given question. How many clouds can you see? The answer is four.

Can you count how many fish are in this picture? You can count them one by one and write your answer in the blank circle. There are five fish swimming in the water in the same direction. You can easily count them because they are clearly visible in the picture.

You can see five ducklings walking along the road with their mother. Then count the ducks one by one to see how many there are. That is the question given to you. How many ducks can you see? There are six ducks. Color the picture nicely and write the answer of the six in the circle.

There is a delicious birthday cake. You can add colorful icing to this cake. See what’s lit on the cake. There are candles. The question asked on this page is how many candles do you see? Count how many candles there are and write the answer.

How many balloons did you see? You can see this question on this page. First look at the picture, a cute dog lying on the floor. He is holding a bunch of balloons in his mouth. You have to count these balloons one by one. There are eight balloons and you can count them. Color this picture nicely and write the correct answer.

This picture is like a night sky. There is a moon with glittering stars. Look closely at the night sky and count how many stars you can see. You can find the nine stars in these pictures. Color the night sky and write the correct answer of nine in the circle.

From this page, you can count a large number. Look what’s in this picture. A rain cloud with raindrops. How many raindrops can you see? Count the raindrops. There are ten raindrops, right? Then write the answer in the circle and color the picture beautifully.

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