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Free Printable Vegetable coloring pages for kids

Welcome to our latest learning page. We are going to learn about healthy and nutritious vegetables. Here you can find 20 images of different types of vegetables with their names. let’s learn and color delicious vegetables.

This is the first vegetable picture you have to color. This is a crunchy carrot image. You have to color this carrot using orange and green colors.

Here you can see a red and delicious tomato and color the tomato using red color. Color the top of the tomato using green color.

In this picture, you can see green broccoli. It looks like a bunch of green flowers. Take light green and dark green crayons and color them beautifully.

You can see sweet beetroot here. Its color is similar to purple and red. You can see another small beetroot image on this page and follow it to color the big one.

There is an orange and cute pumpkin. You can often see this pumpkin around the Halloween season. You can color this pumpkin with orange, brown, and green colors.

This is not a bunch of white flowers. This is the name of cauliflower and a delicious vegetable. Color this vegetable using white and green colors.

Here you can see cabbage. It is a green vegetable that looks like a green flower. You can color this cabbage green.

Here you can see another delicious vegetable that we often see. This is the onion. You may see a small color image on this page. Look at the image and color this onion in purple, white, and green.

This vegetable is called bell pepper. You can see this coloring page has a green bell pepper picture. Color this image using green and red colors as shown in the small image.

In this picture, you can see a potato. It looks like a fat ball. You can use only brown color and color this potato.

Can you identify this vegetable? It is a tasty cucumber. Look at the page above and you can see a picture of a small colored cucumber. Follow it and color another big picture beautifully.

This is a cute kohlrabi. It looks like a white flower with a green cap. You can now color it by following the picture above.

Here you can see a cute and delicious vegetable called eggplant. Maybe you’ve heard it called “aubergine”. Both are correct. It is easy to color. Purple and green crayons always help you color it.

What type of vegetable do you see in this picture? It is a very bitter vegetable. But it is healthy for us. We called this vegetable “bitter gourd”. Color this bitter gourd using green and white colors.

What is this green vegetable? We call this vegetable okra and another name is ladyfinger. Let’s color this picture with a green crayon.

Here you can see the garlic. Color it beautifully according to the given picture.

This vegetable is red and spicy. It is called chili. Color this chili in red.

This is our last vegetable coloring page. Here you can color the pink radish using pink and green colors.

You have the option to download the PDF file from this location.- Download