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“What we can see in the night sky” Coloring Pages

So today I brought you a series of beautiful pictures that we can see in the night sky. At the same time, children can color fun pictures and learn the names of things we see in the sky.

Before we look at the pictures, let’s learn what the night sky looks like. Night has no light like day. The night sky is dark. We can see colorful things in the dark sky. There are so many things clearly visible in the night sky. Let’s talk about it.

This is visible in the night sky that we are talking about first. This is the moon. Like the midday sun, the moon is not always visible in the sky. And you can see the moon rising in the sky in different shapes.
You can see the shape of the moon as a circle, semicircle, and crescent and the moon glows yellow. When the moon rises, the night gets quite dark. Moonless days are dark everywhere. The moon is not as hot as the sun. Not as bright as the sun. So we can see the moon as much as we want. But the moon cannot shine like the sun. That is why the night is dark.
We talked about the moon in the night sky. Color the picture of this crescent moon beautifully.

“Twinkle – Twinkle little stars” You must have heard this poem. The poem is about the stars that are scattered like colored diamonds all over the night sky. In a clear night sky without dark rainy clouds, you can see countless small stars. They are very small. It blinks off and on. Very nice. But these stars are not as bright as the moon. Red, yellow, and blue stars can be seen in the sky. And these clusters of stars together form beautiful star patterns. So, look at the night sky and look for star patterns. Then color the stars in this picture beautifully.

If you can look at the night sky for a long time, you will be able to see wonderful things. The picture above has the same wonderful thing. It’s a shooting star. A star falling from the sky towards the ground. It moves very fast with the light, like lightning passing through the sky. Very beautiful to see. You know, there is a belief that when you make a wish when you see a shooting star, that wish will come true. So, color this picture beautifully and make a wish.

Look, who is in this picture? During the daytime, we can see many birds in the sky. But only birds like bats and owls can be seen at night.
So, if you look at the sky, you will see Bats can be seen flying in the night sky like black kites. Right, now you have to color the bats in this picture card.

Do you know what this is? Here are the fireworks. We can see these in the night sky. But like the moon and stars we discussed, we don’t always see fireworks in the sky. We light fireworks on occasions like New Year’s Eve and Independence Day celebrations. You may have seen the fireworks shining beautifully in the night sky. But fireworks are hazardous. That’s why you don’t go to touch it. Well, now let’s color this picture too.

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