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“What we can see in the day sky?” coloring pages

Hello kids, don’t you like to learn about the environment around us? Then you can learn new things together with us from this page.
Today, let’s talk about the amazing things we can see in the daytime sky above us.

These daytime sky pictures are given to you not only to see and learn. You can also color these picture cards beautifully. And now you can learn about the things we see in the sky every day.

Let’s first see what is on this image card. Oh! this is the sun. During the day time, we get light from the sun. The sun is very bright. So, We cannot look at the sun with our naked eyes. The sun helps us a lot. Let’s talk about what they are another day. Well, we talked about the sun in the sky during the daytime. So, you can color this sun beautifully.

What this is? These are clouds. We can see a lot of puffy white clouds in the blue sky during the daytime. The clouds are floating around with the wind. And the clouds are scattered all over the sky in different shapes. So, let’s color these beautiful clouds too.

What is this? Here’s something you’d love to see in the sky. this is a colorful rainbow. Did you know that the rainbow has seven colors? The seven colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.
We can see the rainbow in the sky very beautifully because there are many colors. We don’t always see the rainbow in the sky. When the sun and the rain fall together, the rainbow floats in the sky. Now you can color this rainbow with beautiful colors.

Have you seen little birds flying in the sky like in this picture? Birds can be seen flying around the sky during the day. During the day we can see the birds flying because they fly in search of their food. Let’s color these little birds beautifully.

What you can see in this image. It’s your favorite thing. This is a kite. You like to fly kites with friends during spring, don’t you? It is a very interesting experience. So, you see kites flying all over the sky, right? therefore kites are a beautiful thing to see in the daytime sky. So color this kite just like the kite you made.

How many other things can we see in the sky? See what this is? An airplane, right? This is A vehicle that travels in the sky.  As soon as we hear the sound of the plane moving, we look up at the sky to see the wonderful way it moves, don’t we? Airplanes can be seen in the sky not only during the day but also at night. But because it is visible to us during the day, let us study the airplane as something we see in the sky during the daytime. Now you can color this airplane by adding colors of your choice.

Wow! What is this big balloon? This is a hot air balloon. This big balloon is filled with hot gas. So this balloon can float in the sky. Under this big balloon, there is a basket that can hold several people. people can go around with this hot air balloon. This is a vehicle that travels in the sky. And this can be seen only during the daytime. So, this is something we can see in the daytime sky. (But not often seen.) Well, you can color this image with beautiful colors.

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