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Kids Book of Work PDF ( 200 Lessons ) V 1.0

In this Lesson-filled book, you can find many lessons based on subjects like Numbering, Counting, Reading, Tracing, Letters, Objects, Drawing, and many more. There are 200 Lessons/Pages in this book and everything is carefully written by the Kindergarten Lessons for Kids and KidsTut staff. Also, the best thing is the full pdf is free.

Every lesson is tailor-made for the younger generation who are eager to learn, Let us tell you in detail what type of lessons this PDF contains so you can have an idea before downloading the book.

Welcome to our first valuable book in the learning aids series. This 200-page book provides numerous learning opportunities for your child.

Thirty pages of this workbook focus on developing your child’s writing skills. There you get to write in different directions and different patterns. These prewriting practice pages include writing along horizontal and vertical straight lines, diagonal lines, zig-zag patterns, wavy lines, looped lines, and dotted lines. Also, these lines can be written in different directions such as top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, and right to left on the previously written pages. These prewriting exercises will help your child’s prewriting skills.

writing assignments. First, the child can see the entire English alphabet on one page. Beyond that, they will have the opportunity to learn all twenty-six letters of the English alphabet one by one. Here, your child can gain an understanding of uppercase and lowercase letters. They can color the letters and pictures derived from those letters, practice writing letters along the lines, find the lowercase letter that matches the uppercase letter, find the letter that starts the names of the given pictures, and arrange the letters in the correct order of the alphabet. This book is designed to help children learn the alphabet effectively.

After covering the alphabet, this book introduces your child to numbers. Initially, your child receives a number card featuring numbers from 1 to 20 along with 20 balls for counting practice. Subsequently, numbers are introduced individually from 1 to 10, providing comprehensive training through various exercises. The book guides your child to learn numbers from 1 to 10, including coloring pictures and counting. It also offers opportunities to practice writing numbers by tracing them on the lines. Additionally, various exercises are provided for counting and recognizing numbers. Assignments include coloring pictures corresponding to given numbers and drawing numbers to match the given assignments. These exercises ensure that your child gains valuable practice in numbers and counting.

Following numbers, the book progresses to teaching your child about shapes. Initially, there’s a chart featuring various shapes, and each essential shape is introduced individually. Images depicting situations where these shapes appear in everyday life are also included. The exercises begin with coloring the shapes and learning their names. The second exercise involves drawing these shapes along the lines. The child is then directed to answer the provided questions. Furthermore, the book encourages coloring images created by combining different shapes, providing an interactive way for children to learn about shapes.

In the next few pages, we will bring you some important math concepts that the child should learn. This assignment book has tried to give the child a good understanding of those concepts through various assignments. The first concept that comes here is to distinguish between big and small. You are also given a coloring exercise for that. The second one is to identify height and shortness separately. Here you can learn about concepts by selecting tall and short figures separately and underlining them. The third is to learn long-short concepts. Another exercise to understand it is provided here.

This book does not forget to teach children about the environment they see every day. You can add different environmental experiences to your children through this book. Teach about vegetables and fruits and refer to various exercises to identify them. Teach about transportation and make children understand it through creative assignments. You can introduce the animals we see around and direct the children to an assignment related to them.

Another three pages of this precious book provide some crafts to help develop your child’s creativity.

Your child will have the opportunity to identify the main colors and their names through these books. Here you have several assignments prepared to learn colors by finding things from the environment in a different way.

Finally, we have provided some wonderful poems to teach your child in this book. The child will also enjoy learning from these poems.

Your child will find this book very useful. Focusing on all their skills, this invaluable book guides them in their development.

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