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Easy coloring pages for kids

Coloring is an assignment that young children willingly enjoy. When preparing lessons, we make certain to include coloring-related assignments. It is our responsibility to provide opportunities for children to learn in a fun way by tailoring assignments to their interests. That’s why we bring you another coloring assignment page for your children.

These coloring pages are not limited to one theme. So, you can give these coloring pages to children anytime in the classroom. Each page has a small color image and a large colorless image of the same image. Accordingly, direct the child to look at the colored small image and color the large colorless image.

Let the children color a flower pot in the garden. Three flowers bloom in pink, orange and purple. Color the center of these three flowers yellow. Also, light green and dark green colors are used to color the leaves.

Kids will recognize this coloring page as soon as they see it because it’s a toy they use to play with. This is a big, colorful ball. Six colors are needed to color this ball: purple, orange, green, blue, yellow, and red.

Ice cream is a favorite food of children, so they will like coloring the ice cream. But always remind children that nutritious things like vegetables and fruits are more important for our bodies than ice cream

Here, you will see a pot of honey. You can use this coloring page to teach children about bees and have them color this page. Also, educate the children about the benefits we get from honey. So, color this honey pot using yellow and white colors.

Let the kids color this cute cake too. Color the cake using Clouds Yellow, the icing layer pink, the three candlesticks purple, green, and orange, and the candle flame yellow. Color it beautifully.

Color a shooting star in this coloring page for your kids. Color the star shape in yellow and its tail using purple, green, and pink colors.

You can use this coloring page as an assignment when teaching children about the rainy season. Direct the children to color the umbrella with purple and yellow colors. Also, encourage them to draw colored balls in the colorless picture, as shown in the given small picture.

This picture shows a prickly cactus plant. You can let the kids color this and teach them about the cactus plant. Color the cactus plant green and the pot blue.

You can use this coloring page as an assignment when teaching children about the daytime sky. It features a picture of a day sky. Teach them to learn about the day sky by coloring the yellow sun and blue clouds.

You will be able to use this coloring page for many lesson themes. And teach children to love our environment and greens. Let them color the trees here using greens and browns.

Direct the children to color this picture beautifully. Here you can see a watering can coloring page. Teach them how important it is to water the plants every day.

Let’s see what skills can be developed in your child through these coloring pages. Coloring can develop children’s creativity and soft skills while looking at a different image and coloring helps develop visual discrimination skills. This also allows color recognition.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.