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Gift box coloring pages for kids

Welcome to our latest lesson page! Here, you can prepare a series of festive lessons for your child. This page was created by gift boxes, which kids love during festivals. Encourage your child’s creativity with fun coloring pages of gift boxes.

Enjoy the combination of learning and fun with the coloring pages provided below.

Here is a wonderful box wrapped in beautiful paper adorned with flowers. Let the children color this cute gift box as they like, including the box, the flower pattern, and the bow and ribbons.

Isn’t the pattern on this gift box like a tinsel garland? But because it is colorless, its beauty diminishes. Let the child decorate this gift box by adding some colors.

Here is another beautiful paper-wrapped gift box. You can let the children color this gift box. Also, you can educate them about different shapes through this gift box. Use this coloring page to learn and color square, rectangle, and heart shapes.

This gift box is designed in a pattern with simple lines. Also, there is a big ribbon flower on top of the gift box. Color this gift box as beautiful as you like.

Let’s offer the children to color this gift box beautifully.

Here is another beautiful paper-wrapped gift box. This wrap has a beautiful wave pattern. You can also see a bow adorned with a heart pattern here. Color them all.

Both of the gift boxes provided above are presented in a top-down view. These two coloring pages offer a unique experience for children.

This gift box is a great opportunity for your child to color circles and half circles. It is shaped by a round shaped wrapping.

Color this box decorated in a zig-zag pattern and the flower on top of it.

In both coloring pages above, you see two cylindrical gift boxes. Both these gift boxes are wrapped in wonderful patterned wrapping and it is also decorated with ribbons. Color them all.

Here is a beautiful gift box with snowflakes. Children can also trace them. And color this gift box beautifully.

Your children can also color this gift box wrapped in star-patterned wrapping paper. Let them color these pages freely using their favorite colors.

Above is a tall gift box decorated with a circular pattern.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.

Coloring is an activity that affects the development of a child’s soft skills. Also, they have the opportunity to identify the types of colors and develop the child’s creative abilities by matching colors and coloring beautifully. Therefore, it is advisable to give children age-appropriate simple coloring pages as assignments regularly.

As teachers and parents, it is our responsibility to create assignments related to festivals during the festive season. Coloring pages are often used in these assignments as they provide the perfect medium to share valuable lessons with children.

You are provided with the festival-related coloring page file on this learning page. Gifts are something very close to children as gifts are given in birthday celebrations, in various school events as well as in various cultural events. So they will love to paint gift boxes. You can give these coloring assignment pages to all children during various cultural and religious festivals in school.