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Easy Christmas tracing worksheets for kids

Hello everyone. Join us on a n-ew learning page. Christmas is a wonderful religious festival that everyone eagerly awaits. So, this lesson series has been prepared in celebration of Christmas.

In these learning pages, you are tasked with completing the pictures by tracing the dashed lines. After completing these images, you can also color them. Children can develop not only pre-writing skills and coloring abilities through this assignment but also gain many other experiences. You can provide these pages and teach them about the images on those pages, adding new information to the children’s knowledge.

So, you can let the children enjoy the wonder of Christmas with a new experience through these assignments related to Christmas for your children.

It is customary to share Christmas gifts with Christmas greetings. So, teach your children about these customs. Here is a Christmas gift wrapped in a beautiful star. This way you can give the children the opportunity to draw several shapes. Square, rectangular, star, and trapezoidal shapes can be drawn here.

What you see here is sweets. This is a can-shaped sweet. Sweets are often associated with Christmas and St. Nicholas Day. Traditionally, this sweet can be seen with red and white stripes. And this candy cane is peppermint flavored. Draw and color by connecting the lines. And remember that these candy canes can be seen in many different colors and flavors today.

The Christmas tree is one of the most important elements of Christmas, often using trees like pine, spruce, or fir. Both natural and artificial Christmas trees can be used to decorate our Christmas. A variety of ornaments and bulbs are used to adorn the Christmas tree. Here, you are given a Christmas tree. Draw the star pattern and the tree on the dashed lines to complete it, then color it beautifully.

Santa Claus is an unforgettable character for children during Christmas. We all know that Santa Claus has a big beard and a big belly. Also, children believe that Santa Claus, dressed in a red suit, brings gifts to children on Christmas day. There are many more stories about Santa Claus. Teach them to the children. Also, have the children do the Santa assignment given on the two pages above.

Christmas ornaments are decorating our homes and Christmas trees during the holiday season. Also known as Christmas bulbs or Christmas bubbles, these ornaments come in various colors, shapes, and designs. This page features a spherical ornament adorned with a Christmas tree and snowballs. After drawing and coloring it, you can proudly hang it in the classroom.

This is a house decorated for Christmas. You can use this assignment page to teach children about the changes seen in the environment during Christmas and how to decorate our house for the holiday. After completing the picture by connecting the lines, allow them to color it using the colors of their choice.

There is another wonderful character that children remember at Christmas time – the Christmas elf. With this assignment, you have to draw lines to complete. According to children’s stories, this Christmas elf is a little boy who helps Santa Claus. They make presents, wrap presents, and help Santa Claus with many other tasks. Okay, then draw this elf and color it beautifully.

Snowman is something that everyone likes to make at Christmas time. There are many stories about it. Teach these things to children. Snowballs are used to make this snowman. Stick pieces are used for the snowman’s arms. This kind of snowman can tell you a lot. Give this assignment to the children as well.

This is the Gingerbread Man. A sweet prepared for Christmas.

Here you can see a cute penguin dressed up for Christmas. You can also see a candy cane in the penguin’s hand. Shape this penguin by tracing it along the dashed lines.

Here is a bag full of gifts. Kids will love coloring this gift bag.

Here is another star-shaped ornament that can be used to decorate the Christmas tree. Give it to the children to trace and color. Teach them about star shapes.

Here is an image of snowflakes symbolizing Christmas. These snowflakes have a beautiful shape. Tracing these snowflakes over the border is a good opportunity for children to practice pre-writing.

From this assignment page, you can draw and color a Christmas wreath for your children. This wreath is a round-shaped.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.