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Easy Shape-cutting worksheets for kids

Welcome to our cutting practice activity sheets. Here you can explore best cutting practices. Focusing on the development of children’s skills is very important. Scissors training helps children develop soft skills. Cutting practice is also a skill that should be taught to children step by step with great patience. These worksheets will help your child learn to hold scissors and cut correctly.

A dashed line can be seen around the shapes in each of these papers. Direct the child to cut along the dashed lines. The cutting edge makes it easier for the child to cut. Get your scissors ready and we’re going to cut out the shapes.

Can you recognize the shape of this image? This is square and its color is green. This shape is the easiest to use for cutting first. Direct the child to cut straight lines, handling the scissors in all directions of the square shape.

This page has a rectangular shape. It is an orange rectangle. This can be cut around in the same way as the square. This too can be easily learned by the child.

This page has a triangular shape. What color is this triangle? It is a red one. You should cut along three straight lines here. Cut them properly.

Next, we cut along the pentagon-shaped image. Don’t worry about having 5 straight lines. Now you have practiced cutting more straight lines. So this will be an easy one. You need to learn not only the shape of this picture but also its color. It is a blue pentagon-shaped.

There are more cutting lines here than others. This is a purple hexagon with six straight lines around it. Cut them correctly and you can get this hexagon out of the paper.

What is this shape? This is a star shape. It seems very difficult to cut. No, it’s not difficult. You have practiced cutting more lines. Your scissors can be handled very carefully and cut it properly. Don’t forget to learn the color of this picture. It is a yellow star.

Here you can see a circular shape. It is a pink circle. Cut along the dotted line and separate the circle from the paper. Cutting around a circular shape is slightly more difficult than cutting along a straight line. This is because it has curved edges. Therefore, after the child has practiced cutting along straight lines, it is advisable to guide him to cut around the circle shape.

This is also like a circle. But this is not a circle. This is an oval shape. What color is used to fill this shape? It is brown. You have to cut it. It is also like a circle. Cut carefully around the curved line.

Do you know what this shape is? We can call it a semicircle. It is half of a full circle. You will see that there is a curved line and a straight line. You should cut around both lines. And can you identify the color in this picture? It is a gray semicircle.

These learning worksheets are designed to give your child many more learning opportunities. Various shapes are given here for cutting. Shapes are introduced when developing mathematical concepts. You can introduce these shapes to your child through these worksheets. Different colors are used for the shapes given in these activity papers. This allows you to give the child an understanding of colors.

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