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Look at the picture and answer worksheets

Welcome to our latest Learning Activities page. These activity pages will help your child develop their skills. We will explain which skills your child can improve through these worksheets. Your child’s problem-solving skills, language skills, spatial skills and coordination, communication and negotiation skills, and pre-reading and reading comprehension skills are developed through this. So, by giving your child the opportunity to study these activity pages, you will be able to develop these skills in them.

Here you can see 5 pages of A4 size and each page has a clear, big cute picture that the child can easily see. These activity sheets are prepared based on those pictures.

In the picture, you can see a fish tank. There is a fish in the middle of the tank, with six bubbles surrounding it. A plant is visible beneath the tank.

Look at the picture and answer questions.

How many fish can you see in this tank?

What color is the plant in the fish tank?

How many bubbles can you see in the tank?

On this page, you can see a picture of a pond. There is a frog on a leaf in the pond. Also, you can see four tadpoles swimming in it. The pond is surrounded by beautiful flowers, grass, rocks, and two large trees.

Look at the picture and answer questions.

How many trees are visible in this picture?

Who is sitting on a leaf?

Count the tadpoles in the pond and write down the number.

Here is a bunch of purple flowers blooming in a brown boot. It has ten flowers. A small snail may also be seen on the boot.

Look at the picture and answer questions.

How many blooming flowers are there?

What color are these flowers?

Write the name of a thing that starts with the letter ‘S’.

Look at what’s in this picture. It’s like a vegetable garden with two big orange pumpkins. Behind them is a tall fence, and you can also see pumpkin leaves along the fence.

Look at the picture and answer questions.

What type of vegetable is in this picture?

Count the big leaves and write down the number.

What is the initial letter of “Fence “?   

In this picture, there is a caterpillar on a branch covered in leaves. However, the caterpillar has eaten four of those leaves.

Look at the picture and answer questions.

How many leaves have the caterpillar eaten?

Where is the caterpillar? (Hint – it’s on something that starts with the letter B

Draw and color a caterpillar below.


Each of the three questions is related to the provided picture. every page has different questions that allow children to think. Encourage the child to look at the well-pictured objects. At preschool age, help the child figure out what questions are given because the child has difficulty reading letters. Give the child time to find answers to those questions on their own. Direct the child to write the correct answer in the space provided. All the questions given here are designed for preschool age so your child will be able to answer them easily.

You have the option to download the PDF file from this location.- Download