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Free Printable Cutting Practice Worksheets

Practice scissor skills with free printable worksheets! Cut along the lines to improve fine motor skills. Perfect for preschoolers! You can cut shapes, and patterns, and sharpen your cutting skills well.

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In this learning page, we have created a series of activities to improve children’s soft skills. The main purpose of this set of activity sheets we bring you is to practice cutting using scissors. Therefore, we have provided a series of activity sheets related to cutting. This set of activity sheets will help your child practice correct cutting techniques.

In the cutting training assignments that we have brought to you before, we trained children to cut in different shapes. “These included cutting around shapes, cutting into fruit shapes, cutting along lines with different shapes, and cutting around number shapes.  In this tutorial, children will cut along the given lines. For that, we have given you 15 pages of activities. Start with an easy activity page for the kids, then gradually move on to more complex pages.

The 15 pages given here have 15 different activity pages. Therefore, children can practice cutting through 15 different experiences. The pages include images with different shapes and line patterns. These images are familiar to children. The finely detailed line patterns help them get accustomed to precise cutting.

Let’s distinguish the activity pages:

First Page: This page features a coil shape. Five curved lines are provided, marked with dashes, to guide the children in cutting out the coil shape. Children must carefully handle the scissors along the given lines to cut out the coil shape and separate it from the page.

Second page: Here you can see a triangular-shaped coil. There are 5 dashed triangle shapes given to you. Draw the triangular coil along these dashed lines.

Third Page: Here is a square coil shape. There too you have this square shape given by dashed lines. Cut along the dashed lines and make a square-shaped coil.

Page Four: This activity page has an image that kids love the most. It is a flower image. This flower is surrounded by 5 curved semicircles. Given by a semicircular dash. Cut along the dashed lines and separate the flowers from the page.

Page Five: Here you can see an image of a child surrounded by dashed lines. Guide the children to cut around these lines. Here children can practice cutting straight lines and curved edges.

Page Six: This is an image of a Mother’s day card. Cutting out images like this is also useful for making crafts for kids. Here children can practice cutting along two horizontal straight lines and two concave and convex curved edges.

Page Seven: Cut out this cloud by following 8 curved edges formed by dashes.

Page Eighth: This activity page’s image is in the shape of a crescent. It is made with curved edges. Cut out this shape by handling the scissors along the dashed lines.

Page Ninth: Here is to cut out the heart shape surrounded by dashes.

Page Ten: In this activity page you only have to cut along straight lines. But you will have to handle your scissors in different directions. Cut out an arrow shape along the dashed lines.

Page Eleven: Here you can see an image of a ring. The ring consists of a small and a large circle and the two circles are connected by a straight line. Here first cut the big circle. Second, cut a small circle by moving along a straight line.

Page twelfth: Cut along the given straight lines from bottom to top.

Page Thirteen: Cut along the given zig-zag lines from bottom to top.

Page Fourteen: Cut along the given curved lines from left to right.

Fifteenth page: Cut along curved lines and horizontal straight lines on this last page.

Get kids to practice cutting with scissors with these awesome activity pages. 😊