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Fun Cutting practice with fruits for kid

Hello there! Would you like to improve your child’s fine motor skills with cutting practice? This is the best opportunity for that. Here, I am bringing 10 creative cutting practice worksheets that your child will enjoy. Check them all!

Cutting is not easy for the little ones because it is a new experience for them. We want to give them new experiences every time they improve their skills. With each experience, they learn new things and enjoy it. But it is very important to give these experiences to children step by step. That is, very easy experiences should be given first and then gradually lead them to complex experiences.

Cutting is a difficult task as cutting has to be learned from scratch, from handling the scissors used for cutting to managing the cutting paper. Therefore, when giving these experiences, encourage the children that it is an easy task.

These cutting activity sheets can be very difficult for children. The reason is to cut around the fruit. Fruits are of different shapes and sometimes need to be cut along narrow lines. So, if your child is in the beginning stages of learning to cut, I suggest you give them easy cutting worksheets before giving these worksheets. Check out our website where we have already given you some lessons with simple cutting activity sheets. After giving those worksheets you can refer to these activities.

Here you are given an apple to cut. It is a cute red apple. Then get ready to cut around this cute apple. Look at the shape here, if you pay close attention to the apple, it looks like a round shape, but you have to cut into the bottom. Also, you need to cut stems and leaves in other ways.

You can cut the fruits in this picture very easily. It looks like an orange ball, doesn’t it? This is an orange. The orange in this image has no leaf or stem attached, so you can easily cut it out. Let the child cut out the picture of this fruit first.

The fruits in this picture will also be very easy for you to cut. After cutting the orange, practice cutting around this fruit. This is an avocado. It resembles an oval shape with a small top and a large bottom. Practice cutting around this image.

Do you recognize the type of fruit you see in this picture? This is a yellow pear. Here you have the opportunity to cut around the fruit, the stem, and the leaf. While cutting this pear, you should turn the scissors in different directions and cut along those shapes. Practice cutting carefully and accurately.

This is a strawberry. The lower part of the strawberry is oval in shape, so it is easy to cut. Cutting the upper part is a bit difficult because of the narrow areas. But this is a good experience for you. Try cutting strawberries.

This is a pineapple. When you see it, you think it’s very difficult to cut, right? It’s not that hard. Yellow pineapples are very easy to cut around. Look, you need to cut along the circular shape. Cut off the top crown of the pineapple very carefully. Then it will be easy.

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