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Cut and paste with counting activity sheets

Hey, here you can get creative math 1-10 counting practice activity sheets for your little kids.

Now you can learn number one. On the left side of this page you can see the number one in a circle and also you can see a flower pot with only a stem. “Then where is the flower on that stem?” That flower is in a box on the right side of the page. Now, little ones, you have to cut the flower nicely along the lines and paste it on the stem. Now look, you can see one of the most beautiful flowers blooming in a flower pot.

This is number two. Look at this, this is a big log. And on the other side, there are two big green frogs. Think about it, what do you have to do now? it’s an easy thing. Do you remember this poem? “Five little speckled frogs, Sat on a speckled log, Eating some most delicious bugs – yum, yum!” Let’s stick these two frogs on top of this log like that. But there are only two frogs here. Now see, there are two frogs sitting on a log looking at you, aren’t they?

Now let’s go to page number three. What can you see on this page? Can you see a nice round fish tank? But where are the fish in the tank? Here, there are three orange fish in a small enclosure. Shall we help those fish into the tank now? Then cut along the lines nicely and paste these fish inside the tank. OK, now Can you see that there are three orange fish in a tank?

Look at this, gifts got a lot. “wow” gifts in colorful boxes. Let’s count how many gifts there are. There are four gifts. If you attach four beautiful bows to these four gifts, it will be even more beautiful, won’t it? Then these four bows are pasted on top of the gift boxes, to see if they are beautiful.

Now let’s count the number five. Here is a big empty bottle. What was in this bottle? Here are five toffees and colorful toffees. Let’s put that toffee back in the bottle. Then paste this toffee in the bottle.

Can you count how many Easter eggs there are here? 1 2 3 4 5 6 There are six.
They are very colorful eggs. do you like it? Now we are going to gift these Easter eggs for this Eastertide. Are you ready? OK then cut out all six eggs and paste them on the gift bucket. Remember and carefully kids they are breakable eggs.

Look at these delicious purple grapes. Shall we count? There are seven grapes. There are only green grape leaves on the other side. Shall we make the grape cluster again? Then paste these grapes one by one under the green leaves. After the paste you can see a bunch of grapes with seven grapes, right?

There is a big rain cloud watching us. But why can’t we see raindrops? Beautiful smiling raindrops can be seen on the other side. Let’s count how many raindrops we can see. There are eight raindrops. Then let’s paste these raindrops one by one under the clouds. Then look at the beauty of the rain.

here you can see a tasty piece of watermelon. And on the other side, you can see the seeds in this piece of watermelon. Count the watermelon seeds one by one. Nine melon seeds must have been found there. Then stick these watermelon seeds back on the watermelon piece. Now look, you can see a piece of watermelon with nine watermelon seeds.

Here is our final activity page that teaches counting to ten. You little ones have to put leaves back on a fallen tree. Count the number of leaves you can see on the other side. 10 leaves you can count there. Cut all the 10 leaves around them and paste them on the tree branches. wow! finally, you will see a tree full of beautiful 10 leaves.

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