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Fill in the missing numbers worksheets(1-20)

A new series of wonderful assignments awaits little children, offering a delightful approach to learning through fun. The purpose of these assignment pages is to introduce early childhood learners to the fundamentals of math literacy creatively and enjoyably. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery with 10 pages of engaging assignments. Dive into the excitement of finding missing numbers and matching them in order. Learning numbers has never been this fun!

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.

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In basic education, children learn fundamental mathematical concepts, laying the groundwork for future proficiency. Just as language literacy is crucial for understanding alphabets, numerical literacy is essential for comprehending numbers. Developing numeracy skills at this stage sets children on the path to success.

Initially, children learn to read numbers in ascending order, progressing from 1-5 to higher sequences. Displaying a number chart aids in regular observation and enhances familiarity. Through exposure and practice, children naturally grasp number recognition. Subsequently, they begin writing numbers, starting with 1-5 and advancing gradually.

Activities like coloring and tracing numbers facilitate initial practice, leading to independent writing as comfort grows. Providing diverse worksheets and activities supports their mathematical development. The displayed assignment sheets cater to both beginners and those familiar with writing numbers.

Let’s see what skills these assignments can impart to your child:

1. Providing the ability to recognize numbers from 1-20.

2. Providing the ability to write read and count numbers from 1-20.

3. Ability to file numbers in sequence from 1-20.

4. Developing thinking ability

These 10 worksheets feature a creative activity designed to enhance children’s comprehension of numbers from 1 to 20. Children are presented with the opportunity to search for familiar numbers and cut and paste them onto various interconnected images, engaging their imagination. For children who can write, there’s an additional challenge of identifying and writing the missing numbers.

Let’s see what activities are given to your child in the above-given assignment pages :

  • On the first page, you can see a bird about to go to its nest. The bird has an egg-shaped path to the nest. Numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, and 16 are already used on those eggs, and find and paste the remaining numbers and complete the numbers up to 1-20.
  • The second is a train with 20 boxes. 1, 10, and 16 are marked in the train boxes. Find and write/paste the remaining missing numbers.
  • On the third page is a rabbit trying to go to the moon. The rabbit must go over 20 stars to get to the moon. The numbers 1, 8, 16, and 19 are written as stars. You can find the remaining numbers.
  • On the fourth page, there is also a cute rabbit. This rabbit also has to eat carrots by jumping from stone to stone. There are 20 stones to jump and the numbers 4, 7, and 13 are marked on the stones. You have to complete the remaining numbers. Let’s help the astronaut
  • on page five get to his rocket. Only numbers 5 and 18 are written on those planets. Find the remaining missing numbers.
  • On the sixth page, a spider is waiting to go into the spider web. This spider has to walk on 20 leaves. You can show the way by writing numbers. 2,5,11,14,20 are already written. Find and fill in the missing numbers in the blank leaves.
  • The caterpillar on the seventh page wants to become a butterfly. He has 20 flowers to pass. 2,6,9,17,19 are written in flowers. Find the remaining numbers and write/paste them on the flowers.
  • On the eighth page, there is a hungry frog. This frog has to go over 20 lotus leaves to catch a fly. Numbers 6,9,15,20 are written on these leaves. Find the missing numbers.
  • The fish on the ninth page has to pass 20 water bubbles and get to plants. These bubbles have numbers 1 and 20. Find the remaining numbers from 2-19.
  • On the tenth page‘s worksheet, you will find an ant trying to get to an ant. This ant must pass 20 cookies to get to the ant. The numbers 8 and 14 are written on these cookies. Find and write the corresponding numbers of the remaining cookies. Or cut and paste.
  • From the last eleventh page, children who are not yet used to writing can find the missing numbers cut them, and paste them in those places. So here you get 40 circles numbered 1-20 on one page.

So, this page offers practice in counting, reading, and writing numbers from 1 to 20. Keep practicing until you’re ready for the next numerical assignment page. 😊