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Cut and Paste 2D shapes activity sheets for kids

Hello everyone! Today, we will share 2D shapes activity sheets related to cut and paste. Your children can enhance their knowledge of shapes and improve their cutting abilities. These activity sheets encourage kids to think and be creative. Enjoy and learn with this engaging shapes activity!

The following activity pages have some two-dimensional shapes for children to identify. Among those shapes, your child can be introduced to shapes such as square, rectangle, circle, triangle, trapezium, and pentagon through these activity pages.

While introducing the shapes, make this activity fun for your child as a puzzle game. The different shapes on each assignment page are broken down into sections. The challenge is given to the children to add the parts and create the shape again.

Through this series of assignments, you can give your children knowledge about shapes and provide them with the opportunity to improve their thinking skills by guiding them to cut and paste correctly. Ten assignment pages with ten shapes are brought to you by this learning page. A PDF file with all these assignments is provided below so you can download it if you want. Give your child a chance to experience this series of assignments.

On this first assignment page, you will see a square shape. The shape is divided into three distinct parts. Guide the child to put the pieces together and make the square again.

On this assignment page, you will see the circle shape. There are two sections on this page. At the top is a circle separated by dashes. Find three orange-colored parts at the bottom of the page. Cut the three parts and glue them correctly onto the circle at the top.

Build this triangle that is divided into three parts by sticking the parts in the right places.

In this assignment page, you are given to create a rectangle. Cut out the three blue pieces given at the bottom of this page and paste them to match the rectangle at the top.

Next, you can introduce the heart shape to the children. Correctly join the red three-parted parts together to form the heart shape.

Allow your child to create a trapezium by gluing the pink parts into three sections correctly.

Here is the diamond shape. You can make a diamond shape by correctly gluing this shape divided into three purple parts. Find and glue the places where the cut pieces fit.

Would you like to make a blue star? This star is broken into three pieces. When the pieces are glued correctly, you can make this wonderful star.

This five-sided shape is called a pentagon. This pentagon has been broken into three parts in green color. Children can create a green pentagon paste with these parts in the right places.

This is the last shape puzzle for kids. So far, you’ve got three separate shapes to make. But now you get to create a hexagon divided into four parts. Add separate parts to each shape to create this hexagon.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.