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Free Colorful 1-10 Number Charts for Kids

Help kids learn numbers 1-10 with our free printable number charts! Fun and educational, these charts with colorful backgrounds make counting easy and enjoyable. Perfect for young learners. Download now!

*** You have the option to download the PDF file from this location.- Download

We warmly welcome you all to our new learning page. We created this learning page for all of you who want to learn numbers and teach numbers. Our hope in bringing this learning page to you is that it helps teach children to recognize numbers and learn to read numbers. I hope this series of activity pages will help you with that.

You can see the pictures of the cards we have provided above. There are 10 cards, each with numbers from 0-10 written on them. Each card features the numbers in individual boxes with a wonderful design surrounding the number boxes. Additionally, the font of the numbers varies across this set of cards. We have prepared these different cards as described to be attractive to children.

Let’s further examine the number cards one by one. As mentioned before, you can see different types of designs on these number cards. These designs include balloon designs, butterfly designs, zig-zag designs, paint designs, happy face designs, ball designs, heart designs, stripe designs, star designs, and flower designs. In this way, 10 designs have been used for 10 cards. You will also see 11 squares per card, with the 11th square left blank on all cards. You can print the cards for the children with your favorite font and design. Additionally, you can download a PDF file from this web page for ease of printing.

The number cards can be used to create learning opportunities for children:
  • To teach identification of numbers from 0-10: You can teach children the numbers from 0-10 by showing the numbers on these cards. Paste the cards on a board or the children’s activity table. Let the children use these number cards during their free time. By frequently seeing the numbers, the children’s memory of the numbers is reinforced.
    • To play number-related games: plan different activities for the children. For example, cut the numbers apart and give them to the children. Direct them to find the number you call out. Another example is to pass number boxes between the children. Ask them to find the numbers in order and line up accordingly. You can play various games with these cards.
    • To line up the children according to school rules: give each child a number and direct them to line up in numerical order. For school activities, these number cards will help you organize the children. Cut out the number boxes on the cards and use them to guide the children in numerical order.

    You can plan various activities with these cards for your children at school and home. Alternatively, display the cards so the children see them often. We’ve provided many more opportunities for children to learn numbers on our previous learning pages. Study them all.