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Explore Handwriting with Our Exciting Worksheets Pack for kids

Welcome, everyone, to our latest Handwriting Practice worksheets pack! You can also present this as a delightful book for your child. This 20-page pencil control lesson is an excellent resource to enhance your child’s pre-writing skills.

These pre-writing assignment pages are brought to you as a 20-page A4-size booklet. This flip book will be a great help for your child to practice writing by drawing on the lines of different patterns. If you wish, you can download and print the PDF file provided at the bottom of this page. Distribute this book to children to help them learn how to write letters in a fun way.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.

Above, you will find 21 pages, and from the first page, you will encounter the cover page if you plan to give these assignments to children as a book. This book is titled ‘Follow the Lines.’ Additionally, on the home page, there is a blank column to write your child’s name. Like the front page, the entire book is filled with captivating pictures of children. This booklet is designed so that children can engage in the assignments willingly and happily. There are no page numbers in this book. The reason for this is to make it easy for you to attach these assignments in any order you like. But here, the sequence given by the pages leads the child gradually from simple to complex assignments. I will tell you the assignments given to your child and the appropriate ways to present those assignments to the children.

Page No. 1 – On this assignment page, children are given 5 dashed lines extending straight from top to bottom. You can teach children to do this assignment page like this. ‘Here is a big tree. The leaves of this tree are falling to the ground one by one. Draw the leaves that are falling to the ground from top to bottom along the dashed lines and show them one. Then they will easily try to do the rest on their own.

Page No. 2 – 12 straight dashed lines are running from top to bottom. ‘Here are two rain clouds. Do you see rain falling on the ground from these clouds? Draw the rain down from the clouds.’ Teach the children how to do the activity like this.

Page number 3 – From this page, you can teach the child to draw straight lines from bottom to top. Now let’s see how this page is taught to children. Tell them like this. ‘These are the flowers that have bloomed beautifully in the flower pots in the garden. Draw the stems of these flowers from the pots and Draw them straight along the lines of the dashed.’ Always direct them to Draw without going outside the lines.

Page No. 4 – ‘Here are 4 more flowers that bloomed beautifully in the garden. 4 butterflies come to these 4 flowers. Let’s show these butterflies the way to the flowers. But draw along these lines. And these four lines should be drawn for the butterfly to the flowers.’ Tell the children how to do the assignment in this way. On this page, your child can practice writing along vertical lines from top to bottom.

Page number 5 – From this page, children can practice writing along diagonal lines from bottom to top. ‘4 kites are floating in the sky. You can see the strings of those kites from the broken lines. They are broken. Draw the string along those lines and rebuild the string. Then the kites will float beautifully in the sky.’ Lead the children to the assignment in this way so that they will be interested.

Page number 6 – ‘Do you like a beautiful balloon? Here is a bunch of colorful balloons. This bunch of balloons is tied with a beautiful bow. Before releasing the balloons, Draw along the lines of the balloons from the bow,’ directing the children along the diagonal lines extending from the bottom to the top. Practice writing.

Page No. 7 – From this page, we teach children to draw horizontal straight lines from left to right. “Shall we find a way for these little animals to go to their homes? Make a way for the bee to go to the beehive, for the ant to go to the anthill, for the bird to go to the nest, and for the spider to go to the spider’s web. Draw along these lines from the animals to their homes.

Page number 8 – ‘On this page, there is a parrot, a cat, a hen, and a mouse. Let’s help them find food. Trace them so that they don’t go out along these lines from the animals to the food.’ Here, let’s teach the children how to do the assignment.

Page No. 9 – “Next, let’s draw along the wires tied to two poles. There are little blue birds on these wires. If they don’t fall, draw along these wires correctly.” Let’s teach the children how to do assignments in this way. In this way, learn how to handle the pencil correctly and practice drawing horizontal straight lines from right to left.

Page number 10 – From this page, you can teach children to draw zig-zag lines from left to right. Drawing those along the lines and directing the children to the school by car, bus, train, van, and motorbike.

Page No. 11 – From this page, you can direct children to draw along the zig-zag lines from right to left. You can help your brother and sister go home from school, you can also help dad to go home after work, mom to go home after shopping, and cat to go home. Then draw correctly along these lines. Teach the children how to do the assignment like this.

Page No. 12 – Draw along curved lines here. These are wave lines. ‘These are the waves of the sea. You can help the fishes and crabs in the sea to stay in the water by drawing along these waves.’

Page No. 13 – This page teaches you to pull along the Waves Lines extending from left to right. ‘Here is a rabbit, a frog, a kangaroo, and a grasshopper. You can show them the way to jump and go.’ Children will learn it very happily.

Page No. 14- Draw wavy lines from left to right. This is a sea. Draw these sea waves and complete them. Help the boat float in the water. Let’s teach the assignment to the children in this way.

Page No. 15 – Now you can direct the children to draw along the looping lines like this: “Here is the path of a rocket, a bird, a butterfly, and a bee. Draw correctly along this path.

Page No. 16 – direct the little animals the way to fly. Show the children how to draw the looping lines correctly. Here are some looping lines extending from right to left.

Page No. 17- “Here is a vine full of delicious grapes. draw along this vine.”

Page No. 18- “Next is a string of bulbs full of colored bulbs. Complete the string by drawing the string of bulbs along the lines.

Page No. 19- From this page, you can teach children to draw castle lines. “Match these pictures together. You can help me find shoes for the feet, socks for the hands, hats for the head, and glasses for the eyes.” In this way, you can direct the children to the assignment.

Page No. 20- “Match the pictures on this page. Match the leaf to the flower, the bat to the baseball, the pencil to the book, and the cap to the bottle of cookies. What is to be done is to draw correctly in such a way that it does not go out along the given cut lines.” The children are directed to draw the castle lines in this last assignment