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Trace and color garden animal worksheets for kids

How do you feel? We’ve brought you a new lesson right here. Children are very curious to learn about the world around them. Giving them the chance to learn about the things around them is the aim of this lesson.  In this lesson page, we bring to you about 10 animals that we see in our garden among the animals around us.

The following lesson pages bring you ten animals that children love the most. You will therefore be able to identify the animals in the garden by studying these learning pages. Children’s pre-writing abilities can also be improved because completing the drawings requires them to drag the animals across the lines. By coloring these images, kids can enjoy themselves and learn something new.

See who is pictured on this page. This tiny bee is this one. These tiny bees are visible in our garden. This bee visits the garden early in the morning because it wants to gather nectar. However, stay put if you wish to catch it. Honeybee stingers may hurt you.

You all know who this is. What a beautiful butterfly this is. This butterfly can be colored in a variety of colors.  Beautiful butterflies of different colors come to your garden, right? They come to drink nectar.

This is also a very small animal. This is a little ant. You may have seen black and red ants in your garden. Color it beautifully with the colors you have seen. Ants live in small burrows in the garden. If you look sometimes, you can see them walking beautifully in rows.

Here is a little bird. Look at its beauty. Color it to make it more beautiful. Different types of birds visit your garden, don’t they? These birds come to find their food. See them from afar. Or be afraid.

This is who? It’s a very small animal, too. It is known as a squirrel. It is known as a squirrel. It has a puffy tail and three stripes on its back. Squirrels make nests in garden trees. Squirrels can climb and jump from tree to tree.

This is a ladybug. It has beautiful red wings with small black spots. It is a very cute insect. Add colors to make it more beautiful. You can often see these little insects in your garden.

There is another animal in the garden on this page. When a butterfly lays eggs in your garden, you can see caterpillars like this in your garden. There are different colored caterpillars. You can also see the caterpillars eating the leaves of the trees in your garden.

Here is a small snail. Have you seen this little snail slowly walking around the garden? It has a body shell and eats the leaves of plants in the garden.

Have you seen this insect in your garden? This is a grasshopper. It is green, and it can both fly and jump.

This is a small insect that can be found in the garden. He is called a dragonfly. You may have seen him flying around your garden like a helicopter.

Children first begin to experience the environment in the garden around their home. Take the kids for a walk around it in the morning. Ask the children what they see. Allow them to draw on those experiences and have fun. They will learn a lot from their own experiences.

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