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Story Time: The Flying Tortoise’s Lesson

Enjoy ‘The Flying Tortoise’s Lesson’ in our story time! Learn to stay calm and think before reacting in this engaging tale for kids.

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“ Once upon a time, a tortoise lived near a pond but wished to find a new home near another pond. Two kind cranes decided to help him. They thought of a clever plan. Each crane held one end of a sturdy stick in its beak, while the tortoise held onto the stick with his mouth in the middle. Together, they flew high up in the sky, with the tortoise in the middle. The tortoise felt excited as he looked down below.

But while they flew, some naughty boys on the ground saw them and started to laugh at the tortoise flying. Feeling angry, the tortoise opened his mouth to scold the boys below. But then, he lost his hold on the stick and fell to the ground. Sadly, the tortoise’s shell broke when he hit the ground, and he couldn’t survive. The cranes felt very sad for their friend.

The moral of the story is that anger causes problems. Stay calm and think before reacting, Anger can make situations worse.

The end.”

This cute little story is about a turtle who went from the sky. This story is a very old and famous story. We have created it as a booklet for your children. We bring this booklet to you with a brand new enjoyment.

The main character of this story is a tortoise. We also encounter two cranes and naughty children in this story as other characters. Though small, this story serves as an exemplary tale. Even though it’s a children’s tale, it’s one that everyone, young and old, can enjoy and learn from. You can share this story with children to help develop their attitudes

Morals that children can get from the story of the flying tortoise’s lesson:
  1. Offering help to friends in need.
  2. Creative problem-solving.
  3. Planning ahead in activities.
  4. Facing challenges bravely.
  5. Acting thoughtfully and intelligently.
  6. Avoiding hasty decisions.
  7. practicing patience.
  8. Pay attention to what you are doing.
  9. Encouraging others without belittling their efforts.
  10. Persisting despite insults and taunts from others.
Children develop the following skills from this story:
  1. Attitude development.
  2. Language skills development, including pre-reading skills and vocabulary expansion.
  3. Creativity development.
  4. Enjoyment cultivation.
  5. Active listening practice.
  6. Encouragement of reading habits.
  7. Social skills development.
  8. Communication skills improvement.

Stories can teach children about society beyond the classroom. Explain the lessons that children can learn from stories with examples. See you again with another beautiful story. Until then, share this story with your children with love. 😊