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Free Symmetry drawing worksheets for kids

These symmetry drawing worksheets are perfect for introducing your kids to symmetrical figures.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.

Download these printable assignments designed for kids to enjoy and learn with!

Symmetry is when something looks the same on both sides, like a mirror image. It’s like magic – you fold it, and both sides match perfectly!

Young children learn a lot by gathering information from everything they see in their early stages of development. Around 80% of children’s minds develop during this stage. Therefore, it is essential to provide them with the right subject matter so that it is well-embedded in their minds. It is our responsibility to offer children opportunities to learn in a fun and happy way. Mathematics concepts are introduced in basic education through the subject of mathematics. This lesson also includes creative activities that are highly effective for explaining the concept of symmetry to children. While symmetry can be a complex topic, these assignments provide a simple yet engaging way to explain it to children.

You can plan hands-on activities to teach symmetry to children:

  1. Take symmetrical shapes separately and draw a line through the middle of those shapes, then give the children the opportunity to fold along that line.
  2. Provide the opportunity to glue together images with two symmetrical halves.
  3. Give sets of symmetric and asymmetric images and allow children to select at least one symmetric and one asymmetric image separately.

Give sets of symmetric and asymmetric images and allow children to select at least one symmetric and one asymmetric image separately. By folding those figures, let’s find symmetry and asymmetry. It is essential to design these activities according to the age of the children.  Next, you can give the children written assignments like the ones given above.

Above, you will find 20 pages of assignments designed to teach children about symmetry on this learning page. You can compile these twenty pages into a booklet and use them with your children. Let’s explore the skills your child can develop through these assignments:

  1. The ability to identify symmetrical figures.
  2. Developing visual skills by looking at one part and completing the rest.
  3. Enhancing creative skills through drawing and coloring.
  4. Fostering soft skills.
  5. Practicing math skills such as size, proportion, and quantity.

You can print these assignments and give them to the children. Each page shows only one-half of an image. Encourage the children to draw and complete the other half. Additionally, for their convenience, the entire image is displayed in a small size on the same page. After drawing, let the children color the pictures.

These worksheets are a great first step for children to learn about symmetrical figures. They provide an opportunity to develop math skills in various areas. Dive right into the lesson of symmetry with these symmetrical drawing worksheets!