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Free Printable Farm Animal Family Cards for Kids!

Introduce your children to the charming members of this farm animal family (Mum, Dad, Baby) with this collection of cards.

The Cat Family:

Father Cat: Cat

Mother Cat: Queen

Baby Cat: Kitten

The Sheep Family:

Father Sheep: Ram

Mother Sheep: Ewe

Baby Sheep: Lamb

The Dog Family:

Father Dog: Dog

Mother Dog: Bitch

Baby Dog: Puppy

The rooster Family:

Father Cat: Rooster

Mother Cat: Hen

Baby Cat: Chick

The Duck Family:

Father Duck: Duck

Mother Duck: Drake

Baby Duck: Duckling

The Bull Family:

Father Bull: Bull

Mother Bull: Cow

Baby Bull: Calf

The Horse Family:

Father Horse: Stallion

Mother Horse: Mare

Baby Horse: Foal

The Goat Family:

Father Goat: Billy

Mother Goat: Nanny

Baby Goat: Kid

The Goose Family:

Father Goose: Gander

Mother Goose: Goose

Baby Goose: Gosling

The Pig Family:

Father Pig: Boar

Mother Pig: Sow

Baby Pig: Piglet

The Turkey Family:

Father Turkey: Gobbler

Mother Turkey: Hen

Baby Turkey: Poult

The Rabbit Family:

Father Rabbit: Buck

Mother Rabbit: Doe

Baby Rabbit: Bunny

*** You have the option to download the PDF file from this location.- Download

Introducing children to the environment around us is the first step in directing children to future science. Animals are a wonderful creation of the environment. Children are always curious about the animal world. This card file will be very useful for you to satisfy their curiosity.

These cards show kids different farm animals. In school, they learn about these animals. Some farm animals include cows, horses, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, turkeys, donkeys, geese, rabbits, dogs, cats, llamas, alpacas, guinea pigs, and pigeons. Learning about these animals helps kids understand more about them. These animals are essential on the farm because of the benefits they provide. For example, hens give us eggs, cows give us milk, sheep give us wool, dogs help keep the farm and other animals safe, and so on. There is so much more to teach your kids about farm animals. Another one comes from this learning page. It is an opportunity to identify the common names of the family members of 10 animals among the animals on the farm.

You can use different activities to introduce children to farm animals.

  1. Taking the kids on a field trip provides a practical experience of a farm. This gives children the opportunity to see farm animals up close. Visiting a farm can be a very rewarding activity.
  2.  Show children the visions of a farm through videos. That way you can give the children an experience close to the experience of a field trip.
  3. Showing a farm by displaying images like cards. – This allows children to recognize the shapes of animals and learn various information about animals as above given flashcards.
  4. After the field trip, watching videos and looking at picture cards gives the children the opportunity to recall what they saw. Under this approach, you can encourage children to draw pictures based on the visions they have seen. Additionally, children can be allowed to imitate the movements, sounds, and activities of the animals. This is very important to embed the visions they saw in the minds of the children.
  5. Providing assignments ensures that children understand what they have learned and further develops their knowledge. These assignments can be given orally or in written form.

This series of cards will help your children navigate the wonderful world of animals. 😊