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Free Alphabet Handwriting Practice cards for kids

Get free alphabet handwriting practice cards for kids! Fun and easy way to learn writing. Perfect for young learners. Children can practice writing lowercase and uppercase letters from A to Z. Download now and start practicing!

*** You have the option to download the PDF file from this location.- Download

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Here is a good opportunity for the little ones who are hoping to get used to writing letters. I have prepared this learning page to give children the practice of writing. At school or home, you can provide these writing practice cards for children. You can also print these cards and make them into a booklet. You can get a Cover page for that from this learning page.

You can see in the above image the cover page that you will get to prepare a booklet. It is colorful and designed to appeal to children. The following cards are created with all 26 letters from A to Z. There are 26 cards with one letter in each card. Also, both uppercase and lowercase letters can be seen on one card.

The specialty of these cards is that you can easily use these cards at home for your children. Here the correct method of writing the letters is marked in the letters. It will help you to teach children to the write correct alphabet.

Learning opportunities that can be provided to children through these letter cards:
  • Having the opportunity to recognize the letters of the alphabet – here children can see the pictures of the letters from A to Z. As the letters are given in large size to fill the page, it is easy for them to recognize them. They can see the shape of the letters and the differences between the letters.
  • Getting practice writing letters. – That is the main purpose of this letter card. Giving the practice of writing letters correctly. The correct spelling of each letter is given in numerical order. These prewriting letter cards give children the opportunity to write the shape of the letter by moving the pencil inside the letter.
  • To distinguish upper case letters from lower case letters – here one letter is shown on one card and both capital and simple letter forms related to that letter can be seen. Therefore, children can compare the two types of letters. They will try to understand the differences between the two types of letters.
  • To develop children’s soft skills – Here children can manipulate their fingers and write on letters using a pencil. This helps the children’s muscles to function and develop their soft skills.
    Activities that can be done to improve prewriting in children with these letter-writing cards:

    1. 1. Writing in letters using a pencil.

    2. Allowing color sticks to follow the correct directions in the letters.

    3. Instruction to tear the paper, roll the paper, and stick it in the letters in the form of a collage. Here also follow the arrows marked in the letter.

    4. Apply the paint on the fingertips and guide them to move accurately along the lines in the letter.

    5. Stick different things like seeds, buttons, etc. in the letters.