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Cute Animals coloring pages for kids

Hey there! How are you? Here we have brought you a learning page where you can learn while having fun. These are coloring pages. So, these coloring pages have given you some wonderful cute animals that you will love. Have fun coloring the black and white pictures of these animals given to you. The joy of coloring!

See if you recognize the animal in this picture. This is a lamb full of white wool. Color the wool of this cute lamb white. Color Its face, ears, and legs are light pink. Color the sheep’s hooves brown. Look at the coloring picture below on this page and color the lamb beautifully. (Picture credit to

This is a small snail that we often see in our garden. Look at the small coloring picture at the bottom of this page and color the big snail beautifully. Color the shell of the snail brown and the body of the snail light pink. (Picture credit to

Let’s see what we have to color next. This is a small mouse. You can see a coloring image at the bottom of this page that will help you color this rat. So, look at that image and color this mouse in the same color. The rat’s body is grey. Its ears are pink. (Picture credit to

See who tries to come out of the eggshell. A yellow chick, right? Color this chick yellow and its little beak pink. Color the eggshell white. A small color image is also provided at the bottom of this page. (Picture credit to

On this page, you get to color another playful animal. This is a frog. You have to color this frog green. Look at the given picture and color this little frog nicely. (Picture credit to

Here you can color a cute squirrel. Look at this page, you can see two pictures there. One is large and colorless. The other is a small colorful one. You can follow the small picture to color the big picture. Use gray, white, and pink crayons to color this cute squirrel. (Picture credit to

Do you like coloring cute beaver? This is the time for that. There is a cute big non-color beaver image that you can see on this page. Follow the given small image and color the beaver. The body of the beaver in this small picture is light brown, and the tail and feet are dark brown. (Picture credit to

Next, you can color a very cute little deer. You will want to color this fawn in dark brown, light brown, and pink. Color the big picture following the given small one. (Picture credit to

Let’s go to another coloring page. Here is an owl. You also get a sample picture to color this owl. Follow it and color the owl. (Picture credit to

On this page, you can color a wild bear. This is a little bear cub. See, you only need two crayons to color this bear cub. It is dark brown and light pink in color. Look at the small picture given at the bottom of this page and color accordingly. (Picture credit to

You can see a majestic lion here. Color this cute lion cub using orange and light pink. Use the small picture provided on this page for you to color. (Picture credit to

Here is a very cute fox. You can color this baby fox using orange, brown, pink, and white colors. (Picture credit to

On this page, you can see the prickly hedgehog. The spines of this hedgehog are dark brown, and the body is pink. (Picture credit to

Now go to the last page given to you. Color this cute monkey beautifully. (Picture credit to

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.

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