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Free Printable Animals Coloring Pages for Kids

Enjoy these kid-friendly, free printable animal coloring pages! You can let your kids develop their creativity with these entertaining activities. It’s perfect to offer hours of entertainment.

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Hello kids, today we brought you a file of worksheets that you have been eagerly waiting for. We have prepared these animal coloring pages for kids who love to color. So, try coloring the pictures of these beautiful animals.

You can get various coloring pages from our web page. We mention those pages here for your convenience. You can download the coloring pages by following the link. Children of any age can use the coloring pages here. And in our previous coloring pages, you can see from very simple coloring to complex coloring pages. Find among them coloring pages suitable for your child’s age. Also, our pre-coloring pages can be used for learning opportunities. So you can use it as a learning opportunity related to your lesson.

Let’s see what coloring pages are provided in this learning page:

Page No. 1: Here is a picture of a dinosaur for you to color. This is a very simple coloring page. Color this image using blue, light green, dark green, yellow, and gray.

Page No. 2: This picture is a fairly easy picture to color. The animal to color here is a crocodile. Blue, light green, dark green, yellow, light yellow, gray, and red colors are required to color this image.

Page No. 3: This picture is also very easy for children to color. Here you can color an image of an elephant. Color the elephant and the surrounding background beautifully using white, light blue, dark blue, gray, brown, and pink.

Page number 4: You can color a picture of a cat here. Color the cat using yellow, pink, and blue colors. Color the background of the picture with light green, dark green, and light blue colors. This coloring page is very easy.

Page number 5: Here is another simple coloring page for you to color. You can color a duck from this page. Color this page using yellow, dark blue, light blue, green, light pink, and dark pink.

Page No. 6: This coloring page is very easy to color and you have to color two fish. Color this picture beautifully with purple, pink, green, blue, and yellow colors.

Page number 7: You can color a cute puppy from this page. This is a simple page that a child of any age can color. So color this page using brown, yellow, red, white, green, and gray.

Page number 8: A beautiful little yellow duck can be colored on this coloring page. Use green, purple, yellow, orange, and blue colors to color this page.

Page number 9: On this page, you have to color a little worm in a garden. Use pink, green, yellow, and gray colors for it, and because there are small image parts here, it can be quite difficult for the youngest children to color.

Page number 10: On this page, we can color a ladybug. Yellow, green, blue, white, red, black, and brown will be used on this page.

Page No. 11: Now let’s color a hawk on a tree branch. Color the hawk in brown, white, and yellow. Color and the background with white, blue, green, and brown colors.

Page No. 12: There is a very cute tiger cub on this page. He can be colored in black, yellow, white, and pink colors. Color the sky in the image with light blue, the grass with dark green, the ground with green, and the rocks with gray.

Page number 13: On this page, we will color a macaw bird. This page is available for children to color in different colors. Pages like these are more helpful for children to develop their creativity.

Page No. 14: Let’s color a little squirrel from this page. This picture coloring is suitable for children above 5. This is because there are very small parts of this image to color.

Page number 15: This page has a giraffe to color. Color this picture beautifully by using different colors.

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