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Free Printable ABC Alphabet coloring book for kids

Hello, dear everyone! Today, I’ve brought you a cute booklet designed for teaching children the alphabet. This book allows children to color pictures of the 26 letters of the alphabet, along with words starting with those letters. They can also practice writing the words related to the pictures along the lines. I invite all of you to join in and have fun while learning the alphabet.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.

The coloring alphabet book brought to you above is a perfect book to teach your child the alphabet. It is also special that you can teach children many things from this book. Coloring, presenting uppercase and lowercase letters individually, practicing letter writing along lines, and exploring words that begin with each alphabet letter while coloring related pictures, etc.

The first page serves as the cover for your coloring book. It’s a vibrant page, and you can write your child’s name on it if needed. After printing all the pages, attach this page as the front cover of the book

First, teach your child the letter A. Color both the uppercase and lowercase A. Write the word ‘apple’ with dashed lines and color an image of an apple.

You can introduce the second letter of the alphabet from the third page of this book. Children have been given to color the capital and simple B letters just like the letter A above. Also, the word that begins with the letter B is taught to the children as the word ball. Here, they can write the letters related to that word on the lines and color an image of a ball.

Next, you can teach the children the letter C. The word assigned for learning from the letter C is ‘cat.’ Similar to the previous exercises, children will have the opportunity to color and write the word ‘cat’ along the lines

D is the letter of the alphabet that comes after C. The word starting with the letter D that this book introduces is ‘Dog,’ a beloved pet of little children. So, the letter D and ‘Dog’ are provided here for coloring

Let’s see the given word and image with the letter ‘E’ which is the fifth letter of the alphabet. The word ‘Egg’ is given as the word starting with the letter E. So, from this book, you can learn both the letter ‘E’ and the word ‘egg’ associated with it.

Just like the five letters we talked about above, the remaining 21 letters of the alphabet can also be colored in both uppercase and lowercase separately, along with identifying words that start with those letters.

The word ‘E’ that follows ‘F’ is ‘Frog’ and is provided for coloring and tracing on the dashed lines. Similarly, the letters G for ‘Jelly,’ H for ‘Hat,’ I for ‘Ice Cream,’ J for ‘Jelly,’ K for ‘Kite,’ L for ‘Leaf,’ M for ‘Mango,’ N for ‘Nut,’ O for ‘Owl,’ P for ‘Pumpkin,’ Q for ‘Quail,’ R for ‘Rocket,’ S for ‘Star,’ T for ‘Tomato,’ U for ‘Umbrella,’ V for ‘Vase,’ W for ‘Worm,’ X for ‘Xmas Tree,’ Y for ‘Yacht,’ and Z for ‘Zipper’—these letters and words are available for your child to learn and color.