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Christmas Ornament Tracing for Kids

Guiding children to learning activities based on experiences related to everyday life is a very effective method. If you are trying to prepare lessons for your children under various topics and timely topics, we have already prepared lessons for you. This page offers you a lesson crafted similarly.

These activity sheets are related to the Christmas season. Use these pages to help your children develop pre-writing skills this Christmas. The task in these assignments is to draw wonderful patterns on Christmas balls, a favorite item of the Christmas season. These delightful tracing Christmas assignments will help your child improve their pre-writing skills.

This is one of the simplest writing practice patterns you can give your child. If your child is in the early stages of pre-writing, this will help them learn to write more easily. Here, you can see simple dashed lines drawn horizontally. Practice drawing by following along these lines.

What you see here is the same pattern as above. But it’s a bit more complicated than before. Several lines are given here to be drawn much closer to each other than before.

If you want your child to practice drawing on zig-zag lines, this is the perfect opportunity. Here, we have a horizontal zig-zag pattern.

Here’s another zig-zag pattern for you to draw, but this time with vertical zig-zag lines.

What is the wonderful pattern that can be seen in both of the above assignments? This pattern is created with Castle Lines. These lines are given in a dotted form, and you can complete the pattern by connecting those lines. In the first two assignments above, you are provided with horizontal and vertical lines. Practice writing by moving the pencil along these lines.

From here, children can get accustomed to tracing along curved edges. In both assignments above, you can observe dashed lines with curves. The first assignment features lines curving under the edges, while the second page presents lines curving upside down.

Let’s proceed to the ornament with the latest pattern, where you’ll be drawing two curved-edged lines that extend both upwards and downwards within the same assignment. Additionally, practice writing by tracing along the three circular shapes in the middle of the ornament.

Curved edges follow the curl shape you previously drew. Here, you have four single and double-curved lines to draw. The heart shape can also be completed along the dashed lines.

This is an ornament with a pattern made of wavy lines. This ornament will be made beautiful by tracing along these wavy lines.

In this assignment, you will also find different types of lines and shapes to draw. Let’s find out what they are. You are given two dashed curved lines here. Also given to draw along zig-zag patterned lines. You are given a shape to trace that you are not used to before in these assignments. It is a diamond shape.

This ornament is decorated with wavy lines and circular shapes.

This allows you to complete a star shape, a straight line, and a heart shape with an arranged pattern, as well as trace along dashed lines.

Decorate this ornament with wavy lines and snowflakes. Practice drawing.

This is the last assignment you will be given. We aim to train your child to write by drawing all kinds of patterns through all these assignments. Enjoy these worksheets with coloring and tracing.

If you want, you can download the PDF file here.